Sunday, October 6, 2013

Real Joy

Today, John and I went to church and it was my favorite service I've been to in a while.  The music included some of my favorites, like "Your Love Never Fails" and "How He Loves" (the original, John Mark Mcmillan version). Those two songs always manage to stir my heart. The lyrics are meaningful and the music is beautiful and it all adds up to a meaningful worship experience. If you've never listened to either of these songs, I strongly recommend you do. They both encourage me in times I feel alone.


Our pastor, who in the past has said he wasn't a big communion person, explained its significance today and added a few things I'd never thought about to my understanding of the sacred act. In the Bible, there are numerous instances of God using bread to remind people He was there for them and cared for them. Wine, in the Bible, is described as something that brings joy to people (and if you've ever tasted cherry wine or moscato, you know God ain't lyin'! ;) ) The point of both of these statements? Through the bread and wine of Communion (and Passover, to Jesus and other Jewish people back in the day), God is reminding us:

"I'm always with you, and my ultimate desire for you is joy." 

I absolutely love that. Knowing He is always there and He truly wants the best for us. Just thought that'd be a good way to end the day and start the week! I'm actually almost at a week of 31 Days! Woohoo!

31 days of girl growing up

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