Monday, October 28, 2013

I Hope You Have A Monday This Awesome...

It's short, I promise. And has a cute little girl tappin' her heart out.

Now how great was that? Fun fact: I once did a tap dance to "Broadway Baby" myself. However, I was in second grade, so I was a wee bit less spazzy and adorable. Plus, my routine included the use of a snazzy black cane, and I'm not even sure if the world could handle that little diva dancing with props!

I think the best part of this video was the fact that this little girl had absolutely no inhibitions, and you could tell she wasn't just trying to get laughs. That little girl was crazy-dancing for no other reason than because she felt like it.

Life lesson: ignore inhibitions, dance to your own beat, for your own happiness, and steal the show. 

Happy Monday, guys!

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