Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Page 6 Boutique

A few months ago, my mom encouraged me to take advantage of a Groupon for a Page 6, a local boutique in Fort Mill. They had two options: for $25, get a $50 gift card. For $50, get a $100 gift card! When it comes to gift cards, I used to take after my mom and hoard them, waiting until the right moment to use them. However, like most things in life, there usually isn't one "right" moment, and gift cards expire! In fact, here's a mini confession: I just spent two Abercrombie gift cards I've had since 9th grade. Oops! Thank goodness I always liked the cut of their skinny jeans... I digress!

I knew I wanted to wait to spend my gift card until the boutique had a few more fall styles, since I have more than enough summery pieces. Page 6 has so many cute things, it was hard to decide on just a few, but I am super happy with the feminine pink and green top and smart and sassy red scalloped dress I picked out.
What do you think?! I kind of get an animal print vibe from the top, which is weird, because animal print has never really been my thing. The dress will work throughout the colder months of the year with some tights and flats or boots! In the future, I'd definitely take Page 6 up on another Groupon offer!


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