41 in 14

See my original post on 41 in 14 here. 

1. Stick to a weekly/ monthly cleaning schedule
2. Organize my file folder of important files/ pictures
3. Back up/ organize my computer
4. Move to a town-home in the fall
5. Make gallery wall in said town-home
6. Create a budget and stick to it!
7. Create recipe/ meal planning binder and use it!
8. Clean my closet/jewelry, organize it

9. Put a Pinterest button on my pics Thanks to this helpful post!
10. Establish/grow relationships with other bloggers
11. Post my 5 on Friday on Friday (and all other link-ups) on time!
12. Reach 50 followers (AKA ten times what I have now!) As of June, I've passed that goal with 75 followers! 
13. Join more weekly linkups

14. Make the President’s List again both semesters. (That involves two more 4.0s! Eek!)
15. Walk to class every day- unless it is torrentially pouring down rain
16. Attend Ain’t Patty’s Day bar crawl
17. Find a church to attend regularly (kind of tired of our old one...)
18. Watch at least one game per season in the major sports (soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, baseball)
19. Host my younger cousins to a Clemson visit
20. Go to one class at Fike (Clemson's gym) per week
21. Do family dinners once a month (living with my brother and cousin next year should help!)
22. Get together with school friends outside of school

23. Read a daily devotional each day
24. Get a summer job
25. Save up for a DSLR camera
26. Learn how to use said camera (and possibly Adobe Photoshop...)
27. Get into the best shape of my (almost 22 year) life.
28. Run a half marathon!
29. Learn to use my Wilton Cake Decorator and make pretty things for friends and family
30. Be a bridesmaid!
31. Run at least 1000 miles!
32. Read 12 books 
33. Write Team in Training donation letter, exceed fundraising goal!
34. Find a volunteer group to participate in regularly at school
35. Complete the March of Dimes walk in honor, and in memory, of my preemie cousins Sadly, I couldn't do this one with the end-of-school craziness... Maybe I'll do one in Greenville?!
36. Keep a balanced checkbook so I don’t overdraft (a bigger problem than one might think!)

37. Email my grandparents once a week and Charlotte once a month (on the first!)
38. Visit Michigan with my family
39. Go on at least 1 date per month with John
40. Shag the night away to a live band Juleah and Lee's wedding band was SO great!
41. Take a long weekend trip this summer with John And we got engaged!!!


  1. This is a great list, good idea!

    ~Blair Collins
    @ www.classic-collins.blogspot.com