Sunday, June 7, 2015

Three Weeks 'til Wedding

Okay, technically, it is less than three weeks. 
I mean, WHAT?!

People (and by people, I mean the two to three sweet friends who optimistically check my blog on occasion in hopes of there actually being a new post), that is just crazy.
No, I have not been a good blogger, but by golly, I've been busy with the following:
-Student teaching
- Falling in love with with my kindergarteners during said student teaching
-House hunting
- Buying a house (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- Applying for jobs
- Getting a job (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- Graduating
- Wedding planning
- Beginning to set up my classroom
- Trying to get in shape for said wedding
Now, we obviously have a lot of life to catch up on! I've decided that every day, for the next three weeks, I will blog. And I mean it. Unlike the last several times I did the whole, "I'm back!" thing for a good post or two and then disappeared into the abyss that is real life (which can get a little cray-cray). 
Tomorrow, you'll read a post I wrote in February. I thought it was my best wedding advice then, and after re-reading the post, I would agree with February-Chelsea. Except for when June-Chelsea gets stressed about the devilish details and would say the best advice is to just hire a wedding planner! ;) 
Here's to three weeks of Whitten Wedding posts, so I can document this amazingly fun, time-consuming, and emotional journey that has led (and is still leading) up to our wedding- maybe with a dash of other stuff in between, because I'm pretty darn excited about the whole "job" thing. :) 
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  1. YAY for your return! Congrats on the job and graduating!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. YAY! So excited to hear about what has been going on!! Congrats on getting a job!!!!!

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