Sunday, February 1, 2015

Begin Again


I haven't blogged since Halloween.

And when I say "blog" I don't just mean typed my own- I also mean read my favorite bloggers' posts. 

Which means I've missed a lot of my blogging friends' lives, minus the occasional Instagram posts. 

I'm about to get back in the swing of things; thank goodness.

I've had a few baby "epiphanies" about social media, blogging, and life in general in the past 3 months I've been gone, and it's going to change how I blog, in a really, really good way, I think! 

So to any and all of my blog friends, I apologize in advance for the blog stalking that may commence in the next couple of days... I've got lots to catch up on! 

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  1. Yay that you're back! Everyone needs to go on a blogging break every once in a while!

  2. It's nice to see you back! I totally understand that we all need to step back for a little bit from time to time. I hope all is well!!


    Something About That

  3. I've been feeling the EXACT same way and I'm trying to break back into it! Can't wait to read your upcoming posts!!

  4. I totally feel ya girl!! I blogged like 3 times over the last few months! But this month will (hopefully!) be different! Glad you're back!! xo

  5. Yay you are back!!!! We missed you!

  6. Omgosh I am right there with you!! Finally getting back into the swing of things!? It's hard with the holidays and the day to day business I am trying to catch up as we speak!

  7. Where are your blogs Chelsea!!!

    Love always,

  8. I miss your posts! I hope that teaching is going well. If you decided to return to blogging I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. Check it out here: