Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shout Out Sista!

When I was at Wofford, I blogged about my freshman year experience. It was a pretty sweet gig, and a couple of other freshman also shared their experiences. One of these other bloggers is still doing big things at Wofford! Sante is a junior at Wofford with big visions for her life, including creating a website that lifts young girls up and encourages them to be themselves.

When I found out about a section of the website where college women give advice to younger girls, I immediately wanted in. Two of my dearest friends at Wofford, Heather and Alana, contributed, and after I saw their posts, I knew would have loved to have seen  smart and beautiful (inside and out!) girls like my friends telling me that middle school isn't everything. 

I knew I wanted to participate in this, but it took me a while to even put what I needed to say into words. I finally did, and I wrote a letter to middle school Chelsea that you can read here:

Song of the Blog: "Jumpin' Jumpin'" by Destiny's Child
Lyrics of the song: "But the party ain't gon' stop, so lets make it hot, hot!" For some reason, this song was stuck in my head most of the weekend... Weird, but sometimes nothing but some late '90s, early '00s pop will do. 

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