Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Savannah Saturday and Sunday

Here's a little peek into the rest of our weekend after the bridge run in Charleston... From one gorgeous, historical, southern city to another! While our trip to Charleston revolved around exercise and fitness, this trip kind of revolved around... food. And quality time together! While eating food.

Right when we got to Savannah, we checked into our swanky hotel and felt out of place. We were dressed in sweaty workout gear, and we knew we probably weren't the cutest smelling pair, either. Obviously, we both needed showers... but not as much as we needed food in our bellies! Cue our first ferry ride over to downtown. Our hotel had a private ferry that only made three stops: one to our hotel, which was across the Savannah River, and two stops on opposite ends of River Street.

The view of our hotel while waiting for our first ferry ride.

 Our lunch was quick and delicious; we went to Spanky's, which was a casual place right along River Street. We shared a basket of chicken tenders and some awesome chip-ish french fry things. Delish! After that, we had a little bit of time to kill before the next ferry, so we went to Walgreens so I could get some mascara. (I just knew I forgot something at home!) We knew we would feel more comfortable walking around in public after showering and getting ready, so that's exactly what we did next!

Yay for cleaning up nicely!

After relaxing at the hotel for a few hours (okay, John relaxed while I took my sweet time getting ready), we headed back to Savannah to explore River Street before dinner.  My favorite thing about River Street: the free praline samples. Seriously yummy... You can just taste the butter and sugar melting in your mouth. If that doesn't sound good enough, just wait until you hear about our dinner! We had dinner at Huey's on the River, which was a great combination of nice but still not uppity. I had a great pesto ravioli and John had shrimp and grits which also looked good. The cornbread before the meal was phenomenal, and I was stuffed after I finished every last bite of my meal!

The next morning, we realized we made the right choice with Huey's, because while we only waited for twenty minutes for a table, there was a big line crowding the street just waiting to get in and make a reservation! Their brunch must have been pretty darn good! Our brunch at Soho South Cafe, however, took the cake. I'll let the picture do the talking, because the food hit the spot!

Worth the "twenty" (way more than twenty) minute wait!

We wandered Savannah a little longer before packing the car and checking out of the hotel. We heard no trip to Savannah would be complete without a trip to Leopold's, which is an old fashioned ice cream shop, praised by Morgan Freeman and the ladies of The View (yeah, super reputable, I know). Warning: if you want to go on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, be prepared to wait in a line out the door. As we finished our ice cream, we got in the car and began our journey back to Clemson after what was an incredibly memorable weekend!

End of our gorgeous second day in Savannah

Song of the blog: "Your Love Never Fails" which we sang at church this week
Lyrics of the song: "Your love never changes; there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning."  These lyrics are always relevant, but with John's grandfather passing away this past week, they were even more important to remember.

** I feel like I need to say something about the Boston Marathon. Do I have any earth-shattering thoughts or revelations about this horrific and cowardly act of terror? Nope. Do I wish there could be some way to rewind time and catch whoever did this monstrous thing before it happened? Of course. So many thoughts and prayers for the victims, the families of the victims, and everyone else who was affected. **

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