Friday, November 29, 2013

That Thanksgiving I rescued a lost dog and almost lost our rescue dog.

I hope everyone's Turkey Day was as fabulous, family-filled, and heart-warming as mine! We always spend Thanksgiving at my Grandpa and Grandma's house (my mom's parents) with my grandparents, great-aunt, aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

Speaking of cousins, let me introduce you to my three youngest cousins: the cutest pilgrims and Native American you've ever seen! They make the holidays so much more magical.

My mom has four sisters, so it's always a big shindig when the whole family gets together, but Thanksgiving is just crazy with the turkey and stuffing and dressing and casseroles and dips and about twenty-five other things that are all scrumptious. 

Personally, I fill up on a few things and don't even waste my time with most of the "classics," like turkey or dressing. I simply eat my weight in mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans (gotta have some redeeming nutritious item!) crockpot mac and cheese, and pie....

Lot's of pie. 

Peanut butter pie trumped the pumpkin, pecan, and pumpkin cheesecake varieties, but my grandma's renowned butterscotch pie was too tempting to pass up! (Also, my aunt made a festive pumpkin version of Paula Deen's Ooey Gooey Butter Cake that was to. die. for.) 

Here's a lovely snapshot of Lauren, Corey, Adam, and me chowin' down... I think that was during my first round/ plate of food. 

Okay, enough about the phenomenal food, because I think just talking about it is giving me a double chin.... Yikes.

Let me explain the post title. Here's the abridged, Reader's Digest version (spoiler: it's not super short):

Thanksgiving morning, I went on a quick run. I ran to another neighborhood, where I came across a pretty husky. He was running around happily, sans owner. I tried to keep running, but said husky followed me back to my neighborhood (haphazardly crossing a four lane highway in the process!). Once the dog crossed the major road, I started freaking out, because I recently had a dream about watching a dog get run over (don't ask; my stress dreams get real weird.), and I did not plan on watching that nightmare come to life on Thanksgiving day!

Now, I have to admit: I'm a people person, not a dog person. I love puppies just as much as the next person with a soul, but I don't naturally connect with animals like some people do. That being said, I'm sure I was a sight to see, chasing after a dog while saying, "Dog! Doooog!" trying to get a hold of it long enough to read the number on the dog tag. 

Alas, once I got a hold of the dog and read its tag, the husky (who finally had a name: Bane!) wriggled out of his collar and I was left dog-less! Thankfully, I found him again and wrestled the collar back on him. At this point, my phone had died (after I left the owner a voicemail), and I had no choice but to run home. I charged my phone, and noticed the owner left me a voicemail. I called him back immediately, and ran back outside to find Bane. Thankfully, he hadn't wandered too far, and I only had to chase him around my cul-de-sac (in my bare feet at 8:30 am.... brr!). 

The owner was super grateful, and I was happy to help, especially when he told me his upset little girls would be so relieved. I hope it's a lesson to all dog-owners out there: please keep your dog on a leash during walks. The man said he let Bane off of the leash for just a couple seconds, and he took off. It's not safe for the dog, who could get run over, and it's not safe for other people- thankfully Bane was a sweet doggie! 

I was super excited after I talked to Bane's owner; I felt like I was accomplishing something with my morning! Sadly, in the process of letting Bane into my house to wait on his owner, I kinda sorta dropped the ball... Our own dog, Bess, snuck outside while I took Bane inside! Once I realized Bess was gone, I really freaked out! I don't think my parents would take kindly to me saying, "Hey, guys, I have some good news: I rescued a dog! Bad news: I lost ours." Thankfully, after panicking and screaming for Bessie Lou high and low (which was pointless; the sweet old beagle is deaf), I found her in one of our neighbor's backyards! When I got back inside, my parents had no idea that another dog had even come inside, or that I'd lost Bess (although they figured when they heard me screaming her name throughout our house).

Phew. What a morning, right?! 

It was a Thanksgiving to remember; that's for sure! 

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