Sunday, November 24, 2013

Running in Style

Hey guys, remember that time when it was Friday night and it wasn't Sunday night and school and work weren't tomorrow morning?

Yeah, I remember that too. Sigh.

Thankfully, instead of a woefully long week, I just have two days until I'm homeward bound!

Yay for a break from classes, yay for yummy food, yay for family, and YAY for Thanksgiving! 

Anyways, back to why I reminisced on Friday...

I was so busy having fun on Friday (cough, going to sleep early so I could wake up and run at 5:45, cough) that I didn't share my Five on Friday!

Better late than never, right?!

Since I'm dabbling in the whole running deal, I've looked into a few accessories, or what I think is commonly referred to as "gear" in the sporty world.

Now, I have to say that I definitely have a "run for fun" mentality, and I realize a lot of this is unnecessary, but a girl can dream!

Hey, who knows... If I don't hate running by the time I've run the half, maybe some of this stuff will make an appearance on my birthday wish list! 
Running in Style

1. New Balance High Visibility Beacon Jacket
New Balance does not mess around when they make reflective gear! When "charged," this jacket gives some serious shine! I first saw it when Julie wore it at Disney World, and I don't know if it's just because Disney makes everything seem more awesome, but I've been diggin' the jacket's cool stripes and colors ever since! Of course, cool comes at a cost, more specifically $175! Yikes. If I'm spending that much on a jacket, you better believe it's going towards a Barbour

I was a little worried about running outside in the cold (and I still am kind of dreading it, because I'm a wuss like that). Since you get warm once you start running, you don't want twenty layers of shirts and pants on, unless you enjoy sweating to death, but what do you do to keep from turning into a popsicle during that first mile? My amazing TNT coach, Dean, had advice for me about running in the winter weather: as long as I keep my ears and my hands warm, I should be good to go. Y'all already know I'm pretty into Team in Training, so a warm and cozy fleece to help me represent? Score! Only $9 and 20% of the money goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society? Double score!  

Okay, so I already purchased this cute and functional little wrist wallet for half price at TJ Maxx. When I run, I need a safe place to store my car key, but I'm not a fan of lacing it up in my shoe. With this thing, problem solved! Plus, it's pink, and it's reversible! It'll also come in handy one day when I need a little energy shot or block. (Sidenote: I'm still at the point where thinking about needing to fuel during a run sounds insane... What am I getting myself into?!)  

I'm not sure if I'm completely sold on needing a separate pair of gloves for running, but I guess I'll just try to use a normal knit pair a couple times and see what I think... If I decide running gloves are a must to shield my sensitive hands from the frigid winds (I may be a bit dramatic, but seriously, the wind is hands down the most miserable part about cold weather in general), this pair seems pretty nice and not completely obnoxiously priced. 
5. Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch
One of my new running buddies, Katie, has a Garmin, and I've kinda just let her watch do the timin' on our Saturday group runs. I have a free app on my phone that can be used as a run-tracker, but it's not quite as accurate as a Garmin and it's a bit bulkier to carry. Plus, whenever Katie gets within three feet of her computer, her watch automatically syncs with a program on her computer, uploading all of her latest running info! Necessary? No way. Super neat? I'd say so! She said it's especially fun to see how many miles you've run the whole month or year! 
If you can't tell, I'm kinda sorta in a honeymoon stage with running where I'm lovin' it... That's what happens when your long run is five miles- we'll see how I feel about running when I'm doing ten miles at seven am! Probably not so much love! 
(But definitely worth it.)

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