Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday

Yay for another weekend, and yay for Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! Courtesy of Christina of Carolina Charm, Darci of The Good Life, April of A. Liz Adventures, and Natasha of Hello! Happiness
Happy Friday, y'all! Courtesy of Christina of Carolina Charm,  Natasha of Hello! Happiness, April of A. Liz Adventures, and Darci of The Good Life

1. "31 Days" Mission Accomplished. I had so much fun participating in The Nesting Place's  31 Days Challenge. I'm pretty proud of myself that I stuck with it the whole month, although I'm sure it was clear that some days I struggled writing something remotely interesting, even to my own parents. I'll definitely be participating next year, although next year, I think I'll do more of a theme. This year, I kind of blogged about whatever, which was good on days I had special things I wanted to talk about, but on days I had writer's block, it would have been nice to have a wee bit more structure. 'Til next October, don't be expecting to see any daily blogging from this gal!

im did it

2. Happy Halloween! I had a blast hanging out with some of my friends! I have to admit I was slow to warm up to John's sumo wrestler costume, because it was slightly ridiculous. It was a hit downtown, though, and I don't think he regrets his K-mart purchase one bit! That's why I love that guy! So goofy!

Still not sure how I feel about this...
Still not sure how I feel about this...

Accepting the situation for what it is: Halloween!
Accepting the situation for what it is: Halloween! (However, can I just say what the heck is up with the sumo hair? I thought it looked more like an acorn cap...)

3. Heartwarming videos. I know unless you've been hiding under a rock , you've probably seen at least one of these videos. However, if by some chance you haven't, perfect! The first video that melted my heart was a silly Youtube video of a baby who gets extremely emotional listening to her mom sing an old Rod Stewart song. It's absolutely adorable in a semi-weird (or to my dad, really weird) way. The face that baby makes is the same face I had throughout the video that made me explore possible career options... But that's a different story for a different day.

The second heartwarming video wasn't cute.... It was reaffirming. It was the kind of video that would restore your faith in humanity if you felt like there weren't good people in this world any more. A  kind bus driver was caught on tape stopping his bus after seeing a woman on the ledge of a bridge. He called out to the woman, and when she didn't respond, he got off the bus, helped her back over the edge, put his arm around her, comforted her, and ultimately, saved her life. Now that's amazing. Now this isn't the exact video I watched when I saw the clip on Today, but it still shows the amazing deed and the man's incredible character.

4. Home sweet home! I am so thankful I get to spend the weekend doing things, like go on nightly walks with my parents, whoop my brother and mom's booties at euchre with my dad ;) (heehee, that's a new favorite... who knew one day I'd actually enjoy a card game?!)... I'm looking forward to a Costco trip in my near future, and for this old-lady-at-heart, that's pretty darn exciting.

Love these peeps... I think this describes us all pretty well.
Love these peeps... I think this describes us all pretty well.

5. Calendar-flipping time! Holy cow.... Is anyone else shocked it's already November?! I love November, because November means Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means time with family, and it also means something kind of special and important is just around the corner.... I don't want to get too ahead of myself, though! October was fantastic, and I'm looking to a hectic, busy, but beautiful month!

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