Thursday, July 24, 2014

Whirlwind Week and a Warning

Y'all, I've been wanting to blog for days now, but it's been such a crazy week, I just don't know what to start with! I guess I'll start with this whirlwind week thing!
Last week, I attended a PLL viewing party, went to Carowinds with John and two precious Clemson couples, had dinner with my family and two other families I've known forever, attended a surprise birthday party in Charleston, celebrated a wedding in North Carolina, moved out of my old Clemson apartment, and celebrated my cousin's tenth birthday. 
Whew! Here are a few pictures of said fun events:

Birthday girl Sandwich with Christine and Leslie- the other two in the Early Childhood Three Amigas!

If the beautiful birthday girl looks familiar to you, it's probably because she's a blogger, too! Christine started her blog Seashells and Magnolias this summer, and it is as precious as she is. Christine's mom texted me a few months ago and asked if I could come to Charleston and surprise her on her 21st birthday, and I've been looking forward to it ever since! Her mama is adorable (which should come as no surprise, because Christine had to get it somewhere!) and she and her husband, Christine's dad, planned the whole evening perfectly. 

We surprised Christine and had dinner at High Cotton- a beautiful and delicious restaurant downtown. After thanking her parents for such a generous dinner, fifteen to twenty of Christine's friends and I headed to the bars. I think my favorite was the Pavilion Bar on top of the Market Pavilion Hotel. I mean, look at this gorgeous view: 

See that pretty white building? That's the Customs House! I just love Charleston's history.

I left early the next morning to get back for two of my dear friends' wedding, which was held about an hour away from home at the beautiful Dennis Vineyards. I've known the groom since we were kids in Sunday School together, and the bride was my freshman roommate at Wofford. Knowing how genuine these two are apart, and then seeing how genuine their love for one another is... Well, let's just say the waterworks were flowing that night. 

Since the bride and groom graduated from high school with John and me, we got to experience a little class reunion! So fun! 

On Sunday, it was another early morning. John and I drove to Clemson so I could move all my stuff out of my old apartment. Like most people, I hate the process of moving. So tedious and annoying. Thankfully, John's dad helped move all the big stuff, like my couch and bed! Yay for future in-laws! :) 
After successfully getting everything into my storage unit, we headed to Spartanburg and celebrated another birthday- my cousin's tenth! His party was Hunger Games themed, and wow was it thorough! Everything, from the food to the tables were labeled and themed! I love how dedicated he is to party planning; even when he was little he loved to go "all out!" 

Most of our "cousins club" plus our significant others! 

If you've made it through that recap, I applaud you! Gosh, it wears me out just thinking of all that! Thankfully, I've had a bit of a slower week this week, so I've had time to work on wedding stuff... 

Which leads me to my warning! After lots of contemplation, I decided I'm definitely going to keep y'all in the wedding loop! I read one of Sarah's posts where she mentioned this post from Kay, and everything clicked. 

I wouldn't be my authentic self if I didn't post about wedding stuff; I LOVE weddings! Gosh, now that John and I are planning our own, I need to seize this opportunity to talk about weddings and not sound crazy!!! In fact, I'm actually connected to a community of wedding bloggers, through Southern Weddings, AKA my favorite of all favorites. 

So there you have it. Expect a lot more wedding posts in the super-near future. About how John and I have picked a venue, set a date, and found our ceremony officiant. (All of that? True stuff. Told ya I've been busy!) 
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  1. What a crazy week! My birthday is this Sunday and I now want a Hunger Games themed party. I'll be sure to tell Roland he has you to thank! lol And OMG so much stuff already done! We were engaged for a year before we even had a date picked! It's so exciting (also read: The most stressful time of my life) I can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. I'm so excited that you'll be blogging during your wedding planning process - it'll be like a diary to look back on in the future.
    - Catherine,

  3. High cotton is delicious! I ate there before Prom one year! I want a hunger games party! I am such a freak over those books! And I am so glad that you are goign to keep us updated on your wedding! Love it!

    Love Always,