Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Longing for Long Hair

Some people blog because they have insightful fashion tips. Others blog to share delicious recipes. Still more blog to write about how much they wish they had long hair... Just me? Oh. Sorry.

About a year ago, I made the decision to chop all my hair off. Okay, not all of it, but it was short enough to be considered a bob. Like, not even a lob, really. A full-on bob. 

Here's a picture post-chop last August. If I had better posture, you'd be able to see my hair isn't even touching my shoulders. 

At the time, I didn't regret the decision. In fact, I was able to brush my shoulders off Jay-Z style when my brother said, "Oh... You got your hair cut..... Why?" Trying to redeem himself, he then said, "No, I just think it looked good how you had it in Michigan..." At the time, I thought my "Michigan-length" (seen below) was awkward. Too long to be a bob, too short to be anything cute.

Pre-chop, AKA when it was short but still ponytail-able... Looking back, it doesn't look as awkward as I insisted it was. 

Like I said, I was okay with the bob for a while. It wasn't as hot on my neck during football games in August and September, and it took way less time to dry. Alas, something changed. Slowly, I started growing a bit envious of all my friends' pretty long hair, and every time I saw a hairstyle I liked on Pinterest, a little part of me would sigh and regret my decision to cut my hair in the first place. I'm generally not a patient person, so my hair usually isn't very long, but the last time I'd had it as short as this past year was probably..... 

Here. PTL I had enough sense to avoid a bowl cut this time! 

Like I said, my hair has never been crazy-long. The longest I've had it is probably here:

Look at that handsome guy in the tux! I'm a lucky girl! 

The problem is, that long hair was two years and 15 pounds ago. I know that may cause some eye rolls, but I felt terrible about myself then. I can't picture myself with long hair without imagining myself heavier, and I don't like that picture. However, some of my favorite Pinterest finds are reminding me why I'm still growing it out: 

Not sure if I could ever get my hair this long, but how great are these lustrous locks?! Love the color on both, too! 

Goal: be able to rock this kind of look at graduation next spring!

 I think this might be my perfect length- and color! It looks so beautiful curled! 

Think I'll be able to have that length hair by next May?! I sure hope so... I also hope I don't sound crazy whining about something so trivial. I realize this is a total first-world-problem, and ultimately, I'm thankful to have a full head of hair. Sometimes I just have to take advantage of my blog- and right to free speech! If any of y'all have been through the annoying hair-growing-out thing, I'd appreciate your tips and tricks! I'm really going to try hard to resist any urges to make drastic cuts or changes! 

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  1. I would love to have that Pinterest hair. I cut a bunch off mine over a month ago and haven't worn it down since- awful!

  2. I did the same thing - I totally regret cutting it now! One thing I find that helps my hair grow is not washing it everyday. Dry shampoo is my best friend!

  3. ah i love the idea of long hair! but my hair is so thin and fine and it does not hold curl well after a certain length. I have discovered in between shoulders and boobs is the perfect length for me!

  4. I love your short hair! My hair is long now, but I can't wait for the day I can cut it all off. My plan is to have it chopped after we get married next summer!

  5. I'm growing my hair out again for my wedding next summer! You should totally take prenatal vitamins! They help your hair grow and your nails too. :)

  6. Your hair is so cute though! Long hair is overrated sometimes haha. Takes FOREVER to dry and prep in the morning.

  7. The short hair looks great on you! I cut mine the summer before freshman year and I am grateful my hair grows so quickly - I regretted it a lot! I wish it was easier to style and dry though!

    xo, Michaela

  8. Your short hair looks great on you! But I do love the long, too! Either way you will look beautiful! But that is good thinking in advance about graduation next thoughts of cutting my hair are long gone now that I realized we have graduation next May (eek!) and my hair grows like a snail!

  9. I feel ya! My hair gets right beyond my shoulders and just stops growing. And my hair stylist put layers in my hair a few months ago, and I can't put it in a bun or braid or anything. I've been taking pre-natal vitamins (to prep for baby making in the future) but don't see any difference in my hair growth. :(

  10. Hair isn't trivial! I also cut my hair thinking I was going to enjoy the ease of short hair but that feeling lasted a whole 3 weeks tops and then I missed my hair, terribly :( If you start using horse shampoo it will speed up the growth :)

  11. I felt the same way when I cut my hair short. I enjoyed it for about 3 weeks and then regretted it .. you see my hair was as long as that first picture.. :( What was I thinking :(

  12. I agree. I have no idea why anyone cuts their hair short, They always look back and realize its a mistake! But I dont think yours has ever looked bad! But my hair grows so very show so I dont have any tips but good luck! haha

    Love Always,

  13. I go back and forth between long and short! I've had it long for about a year and a half now and am loving it, especially since I added times I get the urge to chop it again, too, though! I say grow it out!