Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Bride Day

Y'all, the struggle is real today. And by "the struggle" I mean "the struggle to keep a rational head and remember my grateful heart while trying to make wedding decisions." Yeah, I think I'm transitioning into stressing-over-nothing-for-no-reason mode.... Which is stupid, because I have so much to be thankful for, and stressing over something so minute is selfish. 

My dad reminded me of this the other night, as I lamented about limiting our guest list and the process of registering...  If these are my only worries, I am lucky. I mean, yes, these things like flowers and entertainment are EXPENSIVE so I want them to be just right, but ultimately? This wedding is one day. The family John and I are creating, along with the family we already have, is forever. 

Just because I'm keeping perspective doesn't mean I can't share my planning successes and lamentations with y'all! Here's a list of things we've done so far:
  • Decided on a budget
  • Picked and secured a venue
  • Set a date
  • Found and secured our officiant 
  • Found photographers
  • Found and booked videographers
  • Found entertainment
  • Started our guest list
  • Created wedding website
Honestly, even though I feel like I've gotten so much done, there's a bazillion more things left, and I am determined to get the majority of the big things done before school starts! Here's what's happening in the next week:
  • Meeting with photographers to sign contract
  • Meeting with potential caterers
  • Meeting with a potential florist
  • Checking out the venue again- John's already seen it, so he's probably going to stay home while I go with my mom and cousin. I can guarantee an excited post with pictures after that!
  • Dress shopping!!! There's a designer consignment bridal shop near our venue, so I have an appointment after looking at the venue! So excited for two of my favorite women to be there!
  • Blocking out hotel rooms- Not as glamorous as the first two things we're doing while we're in the area, but it's a necessity! 
  • Pick out a color scheme- I can assure you: all three of my top ideas heavily feature PINK! ;) 
  • Skyping with potential DJ- You can definitely expect a full post on my DJ vs Band thing soon... I never thought I'd end up leaning towards a DJ, but this guy seems great! 
  • Finalizing the guest list- I'm kind of cut-throat, surprisingly... Not family? Haven't seen or talked to you in years? Very little chance we'll keep in touch after the wedding? Probably not number one on the list... (Kidding, sort of.) 
  • Finish asking wedding party- one flower girl, ring bearer, and bridesmaid (well, kind of two...) to go!
  • Registering- Can't. Even. Talk about it. Seriously, this is what stresses me the most. 
Basically, anything and everything on this list will get its own post. I love reading about other people's planning journeys, and I certainly find it therapeutic to write out mine! As overwhelming as this to-do list seems, I'm going to remind myself that while it may suck figuring out the guest list, you know what doesn't suck? Having so many (healthy!) friends and family who support John and me.

Do y'all have fun weekends ahead?! I sure do! My cousin and her precious baby are visiting from Michigan, and I cannot wait to squeeze them as soon as I get home this afternoon!


  1. I promise it seems overwhelming now but taking it step by step makes it so much easier. The hardest part of the registry for me was to decide on a china pattern after that everything fell into place! Good luck with everything.

  2. I can't wait to read more about your wedding planning!!!!

  3. Thoughts on registering: EAT FIRST. And walk around with coffee or something to make it seem like a not-so-stressful task. We did neither and I was over it in about ten minutes. It can be really fun if you plan it right!

  4. Take it one thing at a time - it's easier that way! And map out things that can happen down the road, that way you can pace yourself a little bit. You'll be great!
    - Catherine,

  5. This. This is why we ran off and got married by a justice of the peace! LOL! I'm excited to see everything come together for you though! :)

  6. It took me almost three months to accomplish everything you have in like 2 weeks or less. Registering should be fun! You're just picking out things that you like, my mom kept telling me "If you get it and end up not liking it you can always take it back." I would pick a kitchen color first. Some things come in a bunch of different colors and it'll go by smoother if you know you need the blue ones to match everything else. I would start at Dillard's (or Macy's) if you have one. They do everything for you pretty much and explain everything, they make it really easy and it's easy to do it by yourself after that!

  7. Girl, you've already gotten a ton done! Can't wait to see your wedding website!