Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend Winding (and Wobbling) Down

Happy Sunday, friends! This weekend has been quite the bizarre one for me; it was my first weekend without a wedding to attend in a while and my first without John to boot! I feel so pathetic saying that, but so far this summer, we've been busy with our plates full of fun activities together, so it was weird for him to be working this weekend! 

Since we weren't actually together, I reminisced on some photo booth fun at Matt and Julie's wedding with my ridiculously goofy handsome date!

I celebrated Independence Day with my family in Spartanburg. We had a great day hanging out at my aunt and uncle's house while the guys played golf, and we all had a yummy late lunch in the afternoon!

Morgan and I hung out with my precious and hilarious little cousins. Never a dull moment with these three!

How yummy does this white cake look?! One of my mom's festive contributions to the yummy spread. 

That night, I had supper with John's family, and I was in bed pinning away on Pinterest by the time fireworks went off.... It was low key to say the least! 

Saturday was just as relaxed, with an early morning run and a Target trip- two of my favorite things! The real party happened today, post- Sunday-school.  

If y'all live in the Charlotte area and get the paper on Sundays, you may have seen an article titled something like, "What's hot: Line-dancing." For some reason, my mom really took an interest in this article- enough to actually look up the dances featured. This led to me finding her giggling in the sunroom, watchingYoutube videos of people doing the Wobble. After asking what the heck she was doing, she asked if I knew about the Wobble... I think she was a little disappointed she couldn't introduce me to "the newest dance craze" herself. Once she realized this was a party staple, she was determined to learn the thing herself; cue the Youtube tutorial videos. 

It's the silly little moments like this I need to document more often. The happy little things that happen day-to-day that remind me how lucky I am to have the family I have and the life I live! I hope y'all are wrapping up a happy, restful weekend too! 
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  1. What a fun weekend! Love how that cake looks!

  2. Sounds like such a great weekend! Love that your Mom is learning how to wobble :) So sweet and happy!

  3. Glad you had a fun and festive weekend!!

  4. Chill weekends can be a nice & relaxing change of pace, and it looks like you had a great one! Family time, cake and Target errands are the best! However, it is nice to hang out with the bf especially when you get used to him being around ;) (mine was working all wknd too!)

    You're Mom is too funny! You'll have to sneak a video of her dancing ;)