Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Update

You may recall that on Friday, I took a little trip to Philadelphia with John and his family. Sadly, his dad wasn't able to come, but his mom and older sister Kathryn made the trip and we had a blast! John's cousin Julie got married to Matt- her fiance of 741 days  (Matt counted!). After a long engagement, they were anxious to finally tie the knot! 

Friday night, a shuttle dropped us off at the rehearsal dinner, where we went into a giant private room. I have to admit, we were all a little bummed we didn't get to sit outside in these super cool gliding booths that looked something like this: 

If you're thinking that looks awesome, it's because it is. This picture isn't of the exact ones we saw, but it's the same concept. So cool- especially when the weather is as nice as it was that night!

It's no glider, but at least we got a big yet cozy booth with plenty of delicious food and drinks! 

During the dinner, I had a chance to sit around John's family and catch up with them, which was nice, since they are spread out across the east coast. I especially enjoyed getting to know Brayden, John's adorable second cousin. He's almost three years old now, and he made my night by inviting me to sit next to him and "watch trash trucks" with him. Who knew Youtube videos of garbage could be that exciting?! 
I'm sorry the picture is a little (a lot) blurry, but I was just excited to see someone captured Brayden's sweet kiss on my cheek! 

Sadly, Brayden's interest in me faded when he met Sophia- the flower girl to his ring bearer...

Can you even deal with how precious this picture is?! Here are the kids when they met pre-ceremony.

The bride and groom were the only couple there that could compete with that kind of cuteness:

Thankfully, Julie and Matt didn't kill me when I ambushed them for a picture- right after they thought they were done with all the photographer's posed shots! 

Somehow, my handsome date and I managed to snag the best seat outside for cocktail hour! 

As much as I love swings, I didn't hesitate to give my spot to Brayden. I love seeing John play with kids! He's just so good with them. 

 If you can't tell, Brayden loved playing with John as much as I loved watching them! He snuggled up to John as he ate his (much anticipated) wedding cake! 

Here's John with all of his cousins on one of the pretty spiral staircases- loved this venue's setup! 

After spending Sunday with the family, it was time to head back to the South. We were greeted with this view from the plane:

Welcome home. 

Do y'all love wedding weekends as much as I do?! Seriously, there is something about weddings that speaks to me. There's something so beautiful about promising forever commitment to someone in front of your loved ones and God. I don't categorize myself as an easy crier, but I am the first to admit I'm "that girl" when it comes to weddings. I have to will myself not to cry when I look at the groom looking at the bride walking down the aisle... It's just so sweet! What about you guys? Any favorite wedding moments?

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  1. Gorgeous wedding and that dress is amazing. I love lace. It's so romantic!

  2. It looks like you had a great weekend. That photo of the two adorable kiddos literally melted my heart. Beyond precious!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend. Brayden is so adorable!

  4. I am always the first to cry at little things at weddings. I mean its crazy. And You an your man are too cute. I have recently learned that I love flying in planes so that view made me want to fly!

    Love Always,