Friday, June 27, 2014

Five Essential Pairs of Shoes

Happy Friday, everyone! I warned told you earlier this week that I'd be blogging about shoes again, and I didn't want to disappoint! Here is my top five essential pairs of shoes list- in no particular order! 

1. Jack Rogers. I love, love, love my Jacks. Jack Rogers are a southern staple, and they can be dressed down, or dressed up. I currently have a black and gold pair, from when I was a Wofford Terrier, two pairs of platinum (I just can't get rid of my first pair, no matter how ratty they are!), and a pair of cork wedges I can't decide whether I should return or not (but I'll save that for a different post). If I had to pick just one, the platinum pair are definitely the most versatile- you can wear them with white, black, gold accents, or silver! I know some people say Jacks can be uncomfortable, but I generally don't have a problem with them, unless I'm taking a hike, or something! 

2. Running shoes. If I was actually taking a hike (since I do that all the time.... not.), I would definitely opt for my running shoes. Even if you're not a runner, I have a good feeling you need shoes for when you're active, whether it be working out in the gym, gardening outside, or chasing your little ones around on the playground. I think a good pair of tennis shoes or whatever you want to call them (I just can't do "sneakers") is a staple in every closet. I think my next pair will probably be some form of the Mizuno Wave Riders

3. Wedges. I am kind of in love with these wedges. I searched for the perfect brown, leather pair with jute sides for-eh-ver. Seriously, I've been on the hunt for a new favorite since my last fave pair from American Eagle (yep) died in high school. These Gap wedges are just high enough to add a little bit of sass and dressiness to the more rustic jute on the heel, without making me feel like I'm going to fall and break my neck. So much fun with a sundress and also casual-chic with some white jeans! If you're digging these, you're in luck, because they're actually on sale right now! Lucky ducks! 

4. Riding boots. Kind of like my wedges, I was on the hunt for some riding boots all year last year. Thankfully, I found some Sam Edelmans I love right before Christmas! Now, I'll be honest: I've had problems with the accent buttons falling off, but I think that's just with my pair I got. I've been meaning to exchange them for a new pair, because other than that, these are fabulous! They're pretty plain, which I love (I don't want four zippers on the sides with flashy buckles!), and they're not outrageously overpriced. These are fabulous with skinnies, leggings, or even dresses! 

5. Nude pumps. Kind of like running shoes, every gal needs a pair of sensible nude pumps. They slenderize your legs, and they match everything. Case closed. If you haven't noticed already, I'm pretty picky when it comes to picking out shoes. When I looked for nude heels, I wanted what all girls want: the Kate Middleton look (minus the $325 price tag). I did not want super-chunky platforms, or that weird elf-toe-thing on the front, AKA anything like these shoes. I'm glad I didn't settle, because I finally found the right pair of Steve Maddens at Nordstrom Rack, which meant I also got a great deal! 

Now that I got those new pairs of shoes this week, though, we'll see if these 5 shoes can stay in my essentials... I think I may just have 7 essential pairs now, because Hunters and Chacos serve totally different purposes than these shoes. (Okay, I guess technically Chacos could be replaced with running shoes, but they're so much nicer to wear outside all day in the summer!)  What do y'all think? Did I miss your favorites?

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  1. Am I crazy for not liking Jack Rogers? (Please don't hurt me) I love riding boots though, if I could wear them every day of the year I would.

  2. I love all of these. I need a new pair of wedges and these are calling my name.

  3. I love my JR's! They are definitely my go-to summer sandal. And of course those wedges! Have a great weekend pretty girl!

  4. Love this. I own more shoes than necessary but this list definitely highlights those shoes that get worn over and over again in my closet!
    So glad I came across your blog on BlogLovin!


  5. I 100% agree! All of these shoes are a must!

  6. I definitely agree!! Love those riding boots, too.

  7. I think these are the basics. But I love my knock-off Jacks more than I do my Jacks!!! I want to get some new running shoes!

    Love Always,

  8. A type of show every girl needs! And I'm excited to own each different kind. My jacks are knock offs but I love them the same, and I'm hoping for anew pair of running shoes soon. Great post Chelsea!

  9. Love this list and agree with all of them - and then for the 5 pairs that you have listed I have 5 to go with each pair haha!!

  10. I totally agree with ALL of these, except I have no use for nude pumps in my life! How sad! If I dress up an outfit, it's usually with wedges, even in the winter when I wear my Tory wedges. Maybe one day the perfect nude heel will sweep me off my feet?

  11. Love this post! I am shoe obsessed!