Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A few of my favorite (christmas) things

Favorite things so far, that is. I've been having lots of fun getting into the holiday spirit! I decided to rank my favorite holiday activities yet.

Favorite activity with friends: Christmas Cookie Exchange

I may have bent the rules a bit when I brought popcorn instead of cookies, but I think it was worth it! Cooking Classy's recipe for Christmas Crunch hit the spot! So simple, so pretty, and so tasty! 

Favorite activity with family: Popcorn and Cranberry Stringing

This tradition is a special one, especially since my Uncle Mike started it. These strands give our tree a homey look! 

Favorite activity solo: Decorating My Tree

This tree always makes me smile, because it's just so.... me! I'm a very pink girl (notice the pink walls? Yeah, those were painted in high school. Not elementary school. No shame.), so this mini tree fits me to a tee! Although our big tree downstairs has most of my sentimental ornaments, I kept a few of my favorites upstairs to decorate this baby. 

Speaking of babies... See that Baby's First Christmas stocking? It's from my little sisters in Theta at Wofford. They gave it to me as a Christmas gift a couple months after I became their big. I thought it was so cute and clever- just like those fabulous girls! 

My brother and I both have this Harry Potter ornament, so it was a no-brainer to put mine in my room! I don't care how nerdy it is; I will love Harry Potter forever and ever.

Madeline was my favorite character growing up, so this darling ornament has always been a favorite. A fancier Madeline my grandparents got me in Paris (Madeline's home!) resides on our tree downstairs. 

I was given this Wofford ornament as a Christmas gift for being on the college's Judicial Commission. I was honored to be a member of such a prestigious group, so I'll always treasure this ornament.

I am beyond excited for all the festivities to come in the next week! I cannot believe Christmas Eve is just seven days away... Time, slow down, please! 

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  1. That popcorn looks so good!!! And I love that little tree! I am so glad you linked up! I am a new follower!


    1. I've gotta say, the popcorn tasted as good as the picture looks, and it was easy too! SO glad to have you here, Becky!!

  2. Ive always wanted to try such a festive popcorn!! I love that little pink tree

    1. Thank you! The tree normally goes in my apartment at school, but this year I was too lazy and procrastinated, so it went up at home instead! I'm telling myself I'll enjoy it more here than I would have around finals... haha :)

  3. I got some of that popcorn at a swap last year and it was amazing - thanks for posting the recipe, I will have to make it for our family party this year!

    jess | Quaintrelle

    1. Isn't it delicious, Jess?! SO glad you stumbled upon my blog, because I'm now a huge fan of yours! :)