Saturday, December 21, 2013

five on friday: crazy for christmas

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope y'all have been enjoying this Christmas season as much as I have! I have had something going on every day/evening for the past couple days, which I love! Know what else I love? Five on Friday! So thanks for that, Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha!

1. Bowling.

I know what you're thinking.... Bowling? What the heck? Yes, somehow I've gone bowling twice in the past week... And I had a blast both times! My brother, Corey, got a bowling ball as part of his birthday present (fun fact: they drill special holes that fit your fingers perfectly if you buy a bowling ball!), so we went to the always-classy Strikers bowling alley in Rock Hill, SC...  

Looks like a strike in the making!

I had such a good time bonding with my family, I jumped at the opportunity to go bowling again with my friends! Okay... You caught me. It wasn't so much the "bowling" I jumped at as much as the whole "socializing with friends" thing. Regardless, we went to Ten Park Lanes on Montford in Charlotte, and we had a ball (no pun intended hehe)! Maybe I'm just lame, but I was still surprised to see how bumpin' it was late on a weeknight! 

 If you can't tell, I really liked that trophy... A lot. 


2. Tacky Sweater Party

John's sister and her two sweet roomies threw their second annual Tacky Christmas Sweater shindig last night! I met some fun new people, ate some delicious food, and got excited about the real world, where I can decorate an entire home (I'm ignoring the fact that I'll also have to pay for said home...)! It helps that their place is in Dilworth- a location to die for, in my opinion. A short drive from so many yummy restaurants, cool bars, and great shopping. My kind of scene! 

So glad I can be mysELF around him... (Come on, guys, you should have expected that by now...)

3. Cookie Party

This morning, my mom and dad hosted their fifth annual Christmas cookie baking party. More details and pictures to follow in a separate post, but it's a tradition a lot of little ones look forward to (and the kids' moms appreciate it, too!). 

My mom and dad put their little baker-elves to hard work! 

4. Babysitting

As crazy as it sounds, I've loved babysitting over break! I've had a lot of fun with my family and friends, but that doesn't mean I haven't made time for, well, making money! Since I kind of haven't done that since the summer, with Christmas and John's birthday coming up, I am in serious need of some extra cash! Babysitting is a fabulous way to make said needed-cash, because it also reminds me why I want to become a teacher! I truly cherish time spent with kids. 

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to watch my girls I nannied over the summer. Next year they start middle school, and it's adorable to hear them talk about their worries for the future ("I don't want to have to change in the locker room before gym class!"). It reminded me how much we all worry about trivial things and forget to see the big picture, myself included.

Today, not only did I hang out with fourteen kids at a cookie baking party... I babysat twice! I had the pleasure of watching this sassy little diva and her incredibly sweet and funny older brother:

Werk, girl. Werk. She obviously liked my dance costume from when I was in first grade myself!

I had time to unwind and go on a walk with my parents before heading to my next babysitting adventure with three boys! Whew! I'll be honest: I was a little bit terrified, because three boys under the age of eight can seem intimidating. However, these boys were precious. Seriously. Sure, they were 100% "boy" and played rough and acted silly together, but I truly enjoyed my time with them. So much so that I'm going over in a week to watch them again! 

5. "They said yes?!"

If you go to Clemson, you've probably seen this video. If you're friends with a lot of Clemson students/alumni on Facebook, you've probably heard of this video. If you haven't watched Rion, a young man with down syndrome, receive his acceptance letter to Clemson Life, you should do it. Your heart will probably grow even more than the Grinch's did that one time. 
I'm so proud to go to a school with a program like Clemson Life, which helps people with intellectual disabilities pursue their dreams. I was also ecstatic to hear that Rion currently participates in Wofford's Buddy program.... Both of "my schools" are doing special things, and I'm so thankful I can associate with them! 


  1. Your tacky Christmas sweater party attire is perfect. And y'alls hats are hilarious!