Friday, June 28, 2013

Fourth Festivities! (Also, I love alliteration.)

With less than one week 'til Independence Day, I figured what better thing to blog about than fun and festive Fourth finds! Here are some creative recipes and crafts I found on Pinterest to help you get your 'Merica on! No worries if you're short on time, money, or crafting and baking skills... I've included a little something for everyone!

For the One with Time, Patience, and Dedication: 

flag cake

Yeah, this cake is pretty adorable... A blog I read in high school, 17 and Baking, originally made this cake and it has taken on a life of its own via the internet! I love how this gal added some precious ribbon!

For the Health Nut: Flag-fruit-kabobs
I love the idea of arranging fruit into the star spangled banner, but fruit-kabobs are even better! The germophobe in me loves that everyone can get their own fruit without touching everyone else's! Sadly, even after intense image-searching on Google, I couldn't find the original creator of these to give them credit, but at least the assembly is pretty straightforward!

For the Momma with a Glue Gun: flag tee

You can find the original tees (or at least the first I can find) here, but I liked this one's big blue bow better! How cute is that?! I not-so-secretly wish I could still wear precious homemade things like this... Here's to being an early-elementary school teacher! ;)

For the One Who Wants to Look Like an Impressively Talented Baker: american pie

How about this for an American Pie? (Huh, huh?!?) Imagine showing up to a party with this and not telling anyone how simple it was to make... That's right! I thought it'd be impossible too, until I looked at the recipe! It includes canned filling and a box of ready-to-use pie crusts!

For the One Who Doesn't Mind Tediousness:

usa wreath

That whimsically cute wreath involves a looooot of felt folding, and while the detailed tutorial may be super helpful, I don't think I'll be making one any time soon!

For the Ones Who Want Their Cookies to Rock.... Kind of Literally!Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 10.43.26 AM

Whoever thought to take regular sugar cookies, spread some frosting on them, sprinkle some Pop Rocks, and call them "Firecracker Cookies" is a genius! Not only is it simple, but it really makes the dessert stand out- or "pop", if you will! (I'm on a roll today.)

For the One Who Wants a Cheap Way to Make Their BBQ Bash Aesthetically Pleasing: mason jar flag

These mason jars are the perfect combination of kitschy, rustic, festive, and they sure put the "fun" in functional! They could serve as more than just utensil jars; they could even hold this next little treat....

For the One Who Liked That First Kabob Idea:marshmalow red white blue

Here's yet another easy patriotic kabob! These firecracker marshmallows would be fitting additions at any bonfire (I condone patriotism on the reg, not just on the 4th)!

Those were just a few ideas to get your Martha Stuart, Rachael Rae, and most importantly, Betsy Ross on! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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