Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Greatest Fears (And Greatest Finds)

 If you read my post yesterday, then you know I'm doing Jenni's May blogging challenge, and the topic today is: "the thing(s) you're most afraid of".

Oh boy. Anyone who really knows me knows that I'm a pretty big scaredy-cat/ chicken. Roller coasters? Hate 'em. Rodents? Eww, eww, a million times eww. Kidnapping? Please don't go there. The idea of life without my family and loved ones? Unbearable.
One time in elementary school I nearly passed out in the hallway because at recess some girls told me about a girl that was buried alive. Another time at summer camp, I had the same fainting/ dizzy spell, because a group of kids told me about Stephen King's "It," a novel turned into a movie about a clown who murdered people from shower drains. (Sidenote: maybe that's why I refused to take showers instead of baths for a long time as a child...) I couldn't sleep through the night for weeks in middle school after my friends and I watched the movie "Saw" at a birthday party.
You catch my drift; I have a lot of fears, ranging from irrational to understandable. I'm able to dodge some of these terrors, simply by avoiding roller coasters and nixing scary movies. However, the worst are the ones that make me feel helpless, like they could happen to me. While I could go down the path of explaining the things I'm most afraid of, when I started to do that, I ended up with the feeling, "Yuck, why did I even write this blog post?!"
As easy as it is for me to slip into a negative (heck, almost paranoid) mindset, I don't want to worry about the scary possibilities. I'd rather spend time fantasizing about what I'd do if I won the $222 million dollar lottery in NC right now.... That makes walking around the mall a lot more fun (not like John and I actually did that today... pshh). Just a few of the things I'd "splurge" on:
I know I cannot be the only one who went a little weak in the knees at the sight of this scalloped dress... If I won the lottery, I would be the best dressed teacher, hands down. (And yes, I thought it over, I'd probably still teach, because I wouldn't want to get bored, and I would do all my world traveling in the summers.)
Ugh, I hate how much I adore this ridiculously expensive David Yurman bracelet... Thankfully, I found a pretty great knock-off at Swell Caroline that will have to do until I win the lottery ;)
This Lilly Pulitzer dress would be PERFECT for Clemson games! It helps that it's comfy and (dare I say it) flattering, even on this short gal!

So here's to staying positive, folks! If I'm going to get carried away, I'd rather it be daydreaming than nightmaring (does that make sense?)!

Song of the blog: "I Saw the Sign" by Ace of Base (I hope this gets stuck in someone else's head too)
Lyrics of the song: The chorus, duh. 

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