Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday: Savoring Spring

Happy Friday, everyone! I decided to take a trip home for the weekend, so I'm happily typing this post in my kitchen on a fabulous Friday morning, soaking in the gloriousness of a fresh new weekend. Let's start it off right with Five on Friday!
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1. Lauren James. 
I'd stumbled upon Lauren James' clothes before- mainly her adorable, southern t-shirts. However, the brand really caught my eye when I saw the Livingston- one of the most gorgeous seersucker sundresses I'd ever seen:

 Seriously, the back is ah-mazing. It comes in mint, coral, light pink, light blue, and (my favorite but least practical for me) white.  

Obviously once I saw that dress, I was scouring the site for any and all other precious things, and I found the following: 
 Because who doesn't want seersucker athletic shorts? 

If I was a hat girl (they look atrocious on me), I would totally get this girly hat. 

If you couldn't tell, there's a big seer-sucker theme here! This cute image will be on an LJ towel soon!

I probably sound like I've been paid to talk about this company the way I just raved, but nope- I just loved these finds and had to share! 

2. Influenster VoxBox
Speaking of paid reviews, I've recently fallen in love with Influenster! It's a company that rewards you for reviewing your favorite (and least favorite) items, from groceries to beauty products! I am a serious sucker for freebies- I think that's why I like Costco so much (I can make a meal out of samples there on a Saturday!).  I also like reading other people's reviews before I buy something, so once I found out I could earn freebies by writing reviews myself? Sold! How are you rewarded, you ask? Simple- once you write enough reviews and take enough surveys (which didn't take me long at all), they start sending you products they think you'd be interested in. My first payoff? A cute little Colgate box:

Coupons, whitening toothpaste, and an awesome two-in-one whitening pen and toothbrush, all wrapped up in bright red tissue paper!

I've always been pretty "meh" about whitening toothpaste- it's bad for my gums, and I hate the taste. This toothpaste definitely had a weird flavor, but it did make my teeth brighter. Would I buy it? Nah. Now the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen? That's a different story! I was a bit worried the whitening pen "gunk" would stick to my lips and not work, but it totally did! I'll admit: I haven't used it regularly (just saving it for when I have a reason for dazzling white teeth), but I know once I do, it'll make a serious difference! 

I just received my second VoxBox in the mail, and I cannot wait to try all the products! For now, here's a little teaser: 

Thanks for the Uni VoxBox, Influenster! 

3. Spring has (finally) sprung!
Can I get a hallelujah?! Seriously, this nice, warm weather has been a long time comin' here in the Southland! I hope I can soak it up with a walk with my parents later this evening!
4. One week 'til I'm rockin' and rollin' in Raleigh!
That's right folks- next weekend is my first-ever half-marathon! Eeek! Words can't begin to describe how nervous I am! I haven't exactly kept up with my training plan since spring break.... My 10 mile long run last weekend was a struggle, so adding three miles on to that sounds pretty terrifying. Adrenaline will kick in and help out on race day, right?! At least that's what I'm telling myself... 

5. Dad's birthday!
Last but not least, it's a very special someone's birthday today! I'm so thankful for my dad's hard work supporting his family and putting his children through college, but even more than that, I'm just thankful I've had such an incredible role model in my life. He's a total smartie pants (like wayyy smarter than I will ever be), but he's the furthest thing from arrogant. Watching him teach Sunday school to kindergarteners and first graders is the cutest thing, because I'm reminded of his kindness. Even though he is stern when he needs to be, the kids love him for the same reasons I do: he's just a great dude. 
Happy birthday, Dad! I love you so much! 

Can't wait to go out and celebrate his 51st with my parents tonight! Yay for birthdays, and yay for the weekend, y'all! 
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  1. Happy Birthday dad! And I have to use influenster! I have one but havent used it! Have a great weekend!

    Love Always,

  2. I love influenster too! Have a great weekend at home!

  3. I am so ready for spring too!! Good luck at your half-marathon!! :)

  4. Those Lauren James' dresses are adorable! Hope your dad had a great birthday!

  5. I hope you had a great weekend!
    I love your blog, btw!. Followed you on GFC and on Bloglovin as well. I hope you'd check my blog too and follow-back. :)

    Katherine @ Nested Thoughts

  6. Those dresses are so adorable, definitely swoon-worthy!!

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