Saturday, April 26, 2014

Five on Friday: Finals Edition

Happy Friday, friends! I apologize for being so MIA this week, but it's been a whirlwind end to the semester! This was the last week of classes, and finals are just around the corner, so obviously my computer thought it would be cute to absolutely freak out.

It was not cute. It was straight up annoying. Now, I'm really the only one to blame here. I've known my beloved Macbook Pro was on the fritz for a couple months now; I even visited the Genius Bar, where the kind folks at Apple told me it would cost a pretty penny to replace whatever the heck they told me needs to be replaced. Being the stubborn determined gal I am, I decided to stick out the rest of the school year, backing up all my files diligently, because there was no way I was going without my computer during the semester. This morning, after a "safe" reboot, my computer started cooperating, and I hope it holds out just one more week before it goes back to its random meltdowns... Let's get to the Friday Five quickly, just in case...

The Snapchat kind of says it all...

After my race the other weekend, my biggest pain was my blisters... Or so I thought. The week after the race, I realized my right foot hurt. Pretty badly. I brushed it off until I looked incredibly dramatic limping around (causing more than a couple eye rolls from John!). Last weekend, I finally scheduled an appointment with one of Clemson's orthopedic people, but by the time my appointment rolled around, my foot was feeling better (heck, I even went on a short run on Wednesday!). I didn't want to pay a stupid cancelation fee, though, so I went in anyways. I guess it's a good thing I did, because thirty minutes and a few X-rays later, I was told I have a stress fracture! Yay! Before I could comprehend the whole thing, my foot was in this clunky black boot. In typical Chelsea fashion, my first concern was the wedding I'm in in just eight days. No worries, though, guys. I can take off the boot for wedding festivities. Phew. 

Do you like the hair-tie featured above?! Well, it's from the world's cutest Easter basket, courtesy of my mama, the crafting queen. 

These precious baskets were waiting for Corey, Morgan, and me at my grandparents' house! John wasn't able to join us, but he still got in on all the goodies!

My mom mcguyvered Easter baskets out of big beach towels and just one safety pin! Love! 

As much as I loved the towel and the Vera Bradely hair ties Morgan and I got, my favorite part was this pair of earrings:
As someone who loves simple, low maintenance studs, these earrings are perfect! I can wear them with silver and gold! This picture from the Belk website simply doesn't do them justice!

It was so much fun celebrating with my family! 

I can't tell you how much I love being around these people, and I just can't wait until we're all home together for my last summer as a college student! Eeek! 

While I'm super excited to go home and relax, I'm not going to know what to do without spending my days with all my early childhood friends I made this year! We all got so close this year, bonding over insane projects, papers, and portfolios. On Wednesday, we all went out for Mexican and margs, and y'all. It was ridiculously entertaining. I'm bummed we didn't get a picture, but it's probably for the best since I doubt I was looking too cute after that second daiquiri... ;) 

I may not have any pictures of our night, but here's a picture of the three early childhood amigas on our class trip to the Children's Museum of the Upstate. (Sidenote: if you live anywhere close to Greenville, SC, take your kiddos here! It'll be well worth your trip.)

Well friends, I apologize for my Five on Friday debuting on a Saturday, but wouldn't you know my computer freaked out as soon as I finished typing number one on my list! Hope you're having a better weekend than my computer! I'm off to spend a day with John and my family, so you know I'm a happy girl! Cheers to Saturday! 

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  1. Oh no I'm so sorry about your foot!! Enjoy your last week of college, though! How exciting!!

  2. Praying your computer holds out through finals! And I am so sorry about your foot! And I love your basket! I want those earrings too!!! Have a great weekend!

    Love Always,

  3. get well soon! i am recovering from an injury myself so i empathize with how much that stinks!

  4. Sorry to hear about your foot! I hope you get better soon!

  5. Oh my goodness - a stress fracture!? I'm glad that you'll be fine for the wedding because I'm sure clunking around in a boot and a pretty dress wouldn't be the most fun experience. I am in the midst of finals, too. Hope you do great and they'll be over soon!!

  6. You are adorable! Hope that foot heals real quick :)