Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Love Letter to Blogging

Dear Bloggity blog, 

            I love you, and blogging, and the blogosphere in general, and this is why:

1. You give me a place to write. I like writing, so that's cool.

2. Not only do you give me a place to write; you give me a socially acceptable place to write about my life. Instead of writing long, rambly Facebook statuses every week, I just blog!

3. You've helped me make bloggy friends. They support me and I support them (except when I go, like, four days without checking emails and comments and other blogs and stuff).

4. Speaking of going AWOL, you've helped me become more accountable and better about responding to emails and stuff in a timely fashion. Sounds weird, but as someone who generally dreads responding to emails and text messages and the like, this is big! I love answering my blog mail and comments :)

5. It's a place to store memories. Hopefully down the road, when I'm wanting to remember a special time or event, I can look up old posts and scroll through captioned pictures and smile. It's like an online scrapbook, only way more fun and way less frustrating. (I'm terrible with scissors, so scrapbooking is no bueno for this chica.)

6. You've given me a hobby! I'm not that interested in sports or anything, so this has been super big for me! Instead of creating a bracket or fantasy football team or something, I just blog and stuff! Like I said, it's like an online scrapbook, and scrapbooking is totally considered a hobby!

7. I just adore reading and falling in love with new blogs- especially lifestyle, fitness, and wedding blogs! The fabulous thing about the blogging world is how connected everything is- if I'm on a site I love, chances are good I'll find five more sites I love just looking at that blog's comments!

8. I get to participate in giveaways, and sometimes even win fun things like Sephora gift cards!

9. I'm learning lots from ya. Seriously, I had no idea how to make little buttons, or do any little html things before you (except for ♥ from back in my Myspace days, but I digress...). I'm constantly trying to learn more about this whole process, and I still have a long way to go before I'm even close to knowing everything I want to know about blogging!

10. Not only am I learning lots about blogging, but I'm learning lots about myself! It's been interesting to assess my strengths and weaknesses, question my writing skills, challenge my networking abilities, and improve my blog little by little.

Endlessly BeLoved
Thanks to Brianna for this fabulous linkup! Always nice to remind myself why I blog, especially during a busy time of year when it's easy for me to neglect it. 

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  1. haha love #2. I feel like soooo many people in my Facebook newsfeed should just start a blog lol

  2. adorable reasons...ilove them all but most is number 10...it is such a great feeling when you know what you want because you know who you are:)

  3. I love this! I've been blogging on various mediums for a long time, and it's really changed how I think about myself - and it's such a great outlet where you can meet awesome people :)