Monday, March 31, 2014

And the winner is....

It's Monday once again, and that means it's time to announce last week's Decor 2 Ur Door giveaway winner....

Congratulations to Marshall

If you didn't win (AKA you're anyone except for Marsh), fear not! Just keep your eyes peeled for another giveaway- there may or may not be one in the works.... ;)

Since I felt bad I couldn't give a precious monogramed sursy to each of my lovely readers, here are a few virtual bouquets of beautiful blooms just for you! (Hey, if you're anything like me, just seeing flowers will brighten your day!)

Anemones are a little special to me, and y'all know how I feel about peonies, right? Le sigh. 

The beautiful different pink roses with the pop of green in that rustic wood box is sheer perfection. 

Hot pink peonies plus red ranunculus equals gorg!  

Number one fave flowers? Obviously peonies. Hydrangeas (the ultimate southern bloom, in my opinion) come in second, and I think ranunculus, dahlias, and (white) anemones come in pretty close after that.... Oh dear, I just love flowers too much!

Sorry if that didn't cheer you up any, but flowers seem to always do the trick for me! In fact, I have a whole Pinterest board for blooms! Funny story: John and I have a little running game we play where he guesses my favorites. He's gotten the important ones down- color (which is just, like, know me for a second and hello, it's pink)  and candy (Lindor truffles, and thank goodness he knows that one). However, it never fails... When I ask him for my favorite flower... He gets flustered and guesses "Ummm... Roses?" "No..." "Sunflowers?" No, but those do make me very happy! "Carnations?" "WAIT, WHAT?!?! John, NO ONE'S favorite flowers are carnations!" Bless his heart. This conversation actually happened this weekend, although substitute sunflowers for gerber daisies (again, not a bad guess!). He just can't seem to get peonies through his head. Maybe year three is the year he gets it straight ;)

Are y'all as flower crazy as I am, or am I just straight up crazy?! 

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  1. Oh that's awesome! Thanks so much! This is so exciting :)

  2. Love alll of pretty flowers, except for carnations ;) right there with ya girlfriend!!!

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  4. The flowers are beautiful and make me hopeful for some blooming in the next few weeks! Boston is a little behind these days.

  5. Omgosh I LOVE peonies too. They are sooo beautiful!

  6. I do the same thing with Aaron except I ask him like when my birthday is! For forever he got my sister and I's birthdays mixed up! haha But the flowers did cheer me up! :) So thanks for that!

    Love Always,