Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Is it just me, or did this week fly by?! I'm not complaining- I'm ready for the weekend! Let's get to the good stuff!
1. Monogram Giveaway
In case you missed it, on Monday I posted my first ever giveaway! Yay for pretty monogrammed pillows and sheets! It's not too late to enter so check it out!

You could win any of these goodies!

2. Marley Lilly App
I must just be in the monogram mood these days (let's face it, every day is a good day for a monogram), because I was super excited to download Marley Lilly's free monogram-making app. Just download the app and make cute backgrounds for your phone! Here are a few of my favorite creations so far:

Which is your favorite? My phone's background is currently the one on the right!

3. Gelous Nail Gel
The other day, I saw this pin and knew I wanted to try this technique that supposedly gives you gel mani lookalike nails. Although I don't have pictures to prove it, I painted my nails on Sunday and they're still chip-less! That, my friends, is unheard of for me. Unless I go to the salon, I'm usually guaranteed a chip or two within the first few days- not with a coat of Gelous Nail Gel! 
I got mine at Sally Beauty, but I've heard they have it at CVS, and of course, you can buy it on Amazon.

4. Two years. 
On Wednesday, John and I celebrated our two year anniversary. I'm so blessed to say I've been dating my best friend for twenty-four months! I'm pretty excited for year number three and all the years to come!

Celebrating by jumping for joy. Want to know where we were? Read number five...

5. Gravitopia.
John and I wanted to go on a special date Wednesday night, and nothing screams intimate and romantic like a trampoline park, right?! When I told John my idea for our big 2 year date, he was obviously game. There were trampolines covering most of the ground, special rooms for trampoline dodgeball, multiple foam pits, trampolines and basketball hoops to practice slam-dunking, and tightrope-esque slack-lines to balance on.... AKA a daredevil's dream! As for me, I carefully read all of the rules before the jumping commenced, and I refused to do flips of any sort even when John coaxed me (he should know better- I'm an accident waiting to happen!). No injuries allowed before my big run in two weeks! After an hour of fun, we were both pretty ready to cool off. Let me tell ya, it's a workout jumping around for an hour! We were both a liiiittle sweaty-and hungry! We drove downtown and had dinner at Tupelo Honey, one of our favorite places, and finished with ice cream at Greenville's beloved coffee and ice cream shop Spill the Beans. It was a date neither of us will ever forget, and I highly recommend kids and adults check out Gravitopia or a trampoline park near you! I have a feeling I'll definitely bring the girls I nanny to Charlotte's trampoline park, Sky High Sports!

Riddle me this: how did one dude do this across the Grand Canyon without a foam-pit underneath?

Obviously, my week hasn't been too shabby so far! Like I said, that doesn't mean I'm not ready for the weekend, though! Cheers to Friday!

As usual, the hostess(es) with the mostest(es?) are April, Christina, Natasha, and Darci

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  1. Happy 2 years! Thats so exciting!

  2. Visiting from the link up.. I've been to one of those trampoline places as well, so much fun! Happy 2 years to you both :)


  3. How fun does that Gravitopia look?! Oh my gosh! Happy Anniversary :)
    Popping by from the link up...have a great weekend!

  4. Happy two years to y'all, awesome way to celebrate an anniversary! My sister lives in Greenville and I will have to tell her and her husband about this date nite idea!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  5. Happy two years sweet girl! Ahh I've beenlooking for a gel nail solution for at home. Did you have to have the uv light or anything? Can you tell me more about it?? I'm dying to have a solution for a home but I want the shiny-ness and how long they last when you get them done at the salon. Have a great weekend Chelsea!

  6. Two years, so exciting!!! I'm so jealous that place looks like a blast!

  7. Gravitopia looks like the best date spot EVER. Congratulations on your two years!

    Lindsey // More Awesomer Blog

  8. Omgosh that trampoline park looks like a blast, and I'm totally making my bf take me the next time I'm in Charlotte :)

  9. Gravitopia looks incredible! I'm glad you two got to have such a wonderful 2-year anniversary date :)

  10. Your date looks like so much fun...we have a similar place that opened here about a year ago called Jumpology and I have been dying to go!

  11. Happy anniversary! Love the giveaway!


  12. The Marley Lilly app has quickly became one of my favorites!!! And I want to go to gravatopia SO bad! And happy anniversary!!! :)

    Love Always,