Monday, February 3, 2014

Ten Favorite Things: Valentines Edition

Happy Monday, loves! Today I'm linking up with Brianna at Endlessly Beloved for her Ten Favorite Things linkup she does at the beginning of each month. 
This month's theme is ten of your favorite things about a special somebody in your life. I have lots of special somebodies, but only one guy fits the bill for me to gush about just weeks before Valentine's Day...
This sweet dude. Just horsin' around. (Love that smile!)

I love that John makes me laugh. I'll admit that sometimes I get frustrated with how goofy he is, but ultimately, I love that he can be his silly self around me! Life is more joyful having someone to laugh with!

I love John's intelligence. I am going to sound super arrogant, here, but I used to say my dream guy was one who was smarter than I was. I knew I needed someone who would straight up humble me and put me in my place, reminding me I don't really know everything (I have a tendency to sometimes get a little delusional with that). John is crazy smart, and I respect his intelligence. I remember in middle school, I'd see him do Sudoku puzzles (which was super rare for the cool kids, let me tell ya!), and I would always say, "My dad loves those too!" Funny how things work out. 

Speaking of middle school, I love that I've known the kid since third grade. I love that in our first conversation, he called me stupid. He was always the cool boy, and I was always the dorky girl who somehow got in with the cool girls, who all dated said cool boy. John and I know everything about each other's pasts, as far as dating goes, and character goes, and family goes. Sometimes it can be painful for us to know everything about each other (he saw me win a pie-eating contest in seventh grade, back when I was a little twiggy garbage disposal...), but for the most part, it's so nice to know one another like that. 

Workin' that cowlick in the third grade yearbook picture... 

I love John's sense of adventure. We've had some wonderful adventures (like our trips to Savannah), and some pretty sucky adventures (like a Groupon for some sort of scavenger hunt/ race thing), but ultimately, I love that we do wild, out-of-the-box things as a team! Our first date was a "marathon date," because we went to different schools and were milking the time we got to spend together. We went to breakfast, a Checkers hockey game, the park, lunch, the Discovery Place, dinner, a Bobcats basketball game, and Steak 'n' Shake. And we were both exhausted afterwards, but so thrilled, because we realized how much fun we could have together. And we still do! 

His family. It's no wonder John is such an incredible man- his parents and sister are just as incredible. John's dad is his biggest role model, his mom is one of the sweetest and hardest working women I know, and his older sister Kathryn is just the best. She and John have such a special relationship, and I love spending time with her in Clemson during football season and in Charlotte! 

I just really love these people (partly because this night at mini golf they pardoned me from their "only one mulligan per game" rule... They pretended like I wasn't the worst golfer they'd ever seen.)

I love his work ethic. John's drive and determination have paid off, with internships at Duke Energy over the past three years. Not only does he work his butt off, but he also uses the money he earns wisely. John tithes and saves selflessly, and there's nothing he'd rather do more than listen to Dave Ramsey on a road trip (we actually just listened to him on a 2.5 hour drive last night... joy of joys!). 
He's supportive. John reads my blog and constantly encourages me. He only complains a little bit when he has to drive five hours in one night just for an hour or two at a fancy shmancy party, because he knows it's what I want.
John doesn't just love me. He loves my family, which is crucial for me. He goes on family trips and acts like one of the gang, probably because we all see him as such! He's able to joke around with everyone, and he even comes to big, sometimes overwhelming family parties! I knew he was a keeper when he suggested we got visit my aunt, uncle, and three little cousins all under the age of 9. 
If boys interacting with babies doesn't melt your heart, I doubt anything could. It especially warms my heart when it's this boy with this ridiculously precious baby (my second cousin, Charlotte). 

John didn't mind getting goofy in a "photo booth" with my cousins Jamison and Brady!

He's super dreamy. What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn't talk up how crystal clear his blue eyes are and how much I love his 6' 3"-ness?! He's also super strong and able to pick me up (even though half the time I'm convinced I weigh more than he does... ha.), which is crucial for back cracking! (If you don't know the satisfaction of a good back crack, I pity you.) 

What a stud.

John's faith is such an important and attractive quality to me. When I was still single, I knew the next guy I dated needed to put his relationship with God before his relationship with me. When John and I decided to start dating, we knew we weren't messing around, because our relationship was built first and foremost on our common faith and shared beliefs. Even though things will constantly change in our lives, no matter where we live and how old we are, I pray this stays the same. (Heck, I hope all of these  things stay the same- I wouldn't have it any other way!)

I hope you haven't thrown up all over your keyboard from mushiness overload, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to talk about one of my favorites! I really am one blessed gal! Hope everyone's weeks are off to a fabulous start!
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  1. #3 - that's adorable! I met my husband when we were kids too and he always used to make fun of my nose, said it looked like a half sad, lol! But it looks like it worked out in the end for the both of us! Stopping by from Brianna's blog =)

  2. This is such a cute post! I am so glad you have such a supportive guy in your life! He sounds like a keeper :)

    1. He really is a keeper, Megan :) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. AWW this is so sweet! He's a keeper! And he's cute! ;) Hehe thanks for linking up, I loved this!!!

  4. Omgosh I love love love this. So incredibly sweet!

  5. Sounds like a great guy. You two are so cute!

  6. This is so cute! Y'all are adorable!

  7. I totally agree with the ladies above...he sounds like a keeper! You are so blessed to have found such a sweet guy! I especially love that your relationship has a foundation in faith...that is the hardest thing to find these days.


    1. I really am blessed, Nicole! You're right that a foundation in faith is hard to come by in relationships now, but it's definitely worth the wait for the right person!

  8. Awww, it is so sweet that you two have known each other since elementary school.

  9. I found your blog through Brianna's link up. You two are an adorable couple and it's super cute that you two have known one another for so long. And yes... boys playing with babies is the cutest!!!


  10. He reads your blog? WOWZA! You both look so cute together!