Monday, January 6, 2014

hes feelin 22!

Today's my first time linking up with Meg for Mingle Monday! Yay!

Yesterday, John celebrated a birthday! 

A Taylor Swift kind of birthday. 

He turned {22}. 

When we were just friends growing up, we used to call each other at midnight to be the first to tell each other happy birthday... 

Now we get to celebrate together! I'm quite blessed. 

Saturday night, John's parents took us out to eat and celebrate before Mr. Whitten had to leave town. Last night, my parents took John, his sister Kathryn, Mrs. Whitten, Corey, Morgan, and me to Harpers for a yummy dinner in honor of the birthday boy. 

John with his girls- Kathryn, his mom, and me, of course!

Here's to a fabulous twenty-third year, John!


  1. Happy birthday to John!

  2. I love it when there's a song to celebrate your birthday with. Next year he can celebrate to Blink 182! ("Nobody likes you when you're 23!!") Love your cute little blog! :)

    1. Katie, if only you knew how much John and I love(d) Blink 182... We even saw their concert together when we were just friends five years ago! So glad you found this here blog :)