Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday: Loving Lately

Happy Friday! I'm going to apologize in advance for the giddy, crazy happy high that comes only from Walt Disney's magic! With that being said, here's number one!


Tonight, I had a girl's night with my mom at Moe's and the movies. Moe's was noms per usual, but guys... Frozen. That. Movie. Was. So. Good.

Easily the cutest Disney movie since Tangled. In fact, I may like it even more than Tangled. And I may have wanted to cry because it was so cute and sweet. And just... good. So please, whether you have
little kids or are a kid at heart (and that includes everyone with a soul), go see Frozen.


Loving this vest, although I'm not sure I'm "chic" enough to pull it off... Plus, this is going to sound so lame, but doesn't it look like a pain to clean?! I'm really trying to stay away from "Dry Clean Only," but the furry vest trend is kind of tempting me. 


How pretty is that background?! I highly suggest you mosey on over to Lara Casey Media if you need to spruce up your desktop!   


Oh, Kate the Great. We all remember her classic engagement announcement look, and today I found a steal of a dress that kind of reminded me of the lovely cobalt blue she wore in those iconic pictures. Now, I bought the dress (like I said, a steal, and plus I need a dress for an upcoming engagement party), but now I'm getting worried I won't be able to be happy with how I look in it because I'll constantly be comparing myself to world's most gorgeous woman. Sigh.

After looking up a billion pictures of her in the dress, I realized there are way more differences than similarities with the dress I got (like, completely different cut), but googling Kate Middleton is dangerous. Because you find a billion more pretty pictures to ogle and adore. Like these:  

She looks pretty holding her baby...

And a frog puppet...

And binoculars...

And a field hockey stick...

Aaaand an umbrella (although saying she's "holding" it seems like an understatement- more like "wielding")!

She looks elegant with her flowing mane down...

And when it's up in a ponytail. 

Whether she's taking a walk in the park...

Or a walk down the aisle.

The girl can do no wrong, am I right?!


One of my favorite Frozen moments. 

No better way to end this Five on Friday than how it started... Again, I apologize for the Frozen obsession. That darn Walt Disney... I hope you all have people worth melting for! Enjoy the rest of your weekend with those people!

Shout out to ChristinaDarciNatasha, and April for my favorite weekly linkup!


  1. Don't even get me started on Kate. I mean, her post baby body? Good lord. I'm not sure I can contain my jealousy. And everyone keeps saying Frozen is great, I might have to drag my boyfriend next week!

    jess | Quaintrelle

    1. Seriously, I can't handle Kate. And hope you were able to convince your boyfriend on Frozen!

  2. I have two faux fur vests and love them both! One is very similar to the one you posted and the other is brown and more tailored looking. The first few times I wore them I always felt a little bold/edgy/self-conscious but now I LOVE them! They take outfits to the next level!

    1. They really do, don't they Allie?! I didn't even think about getting a tailored one and now that I'm looking at them, I'm loving those too!

  3. O man I have been dying to see Frozen. I may just need to drag my behind to the nearest theater. Also love love love that fur vest!

    1. I highly suggest you drag that behind as fast as you can!!! Frozen is definitely worth it :)