Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday: Here We Go Again

On Tuesday, I headed back to Tigertown to finish up the year. As much as I love getting back into the swing of things and establishing a comfortable routine, I hate syllabus week. For lots of college students, syllabus week is just a week to kick back and relax. Not the case for moi. It always overwhelms me to see how many projects/ homework assignments/ papers/ journal entries have to get done in the next three months.... I just have to remind myself to take a deep breath, relax, and remember there are so many other people who are a billion times busier than I am! Which leads me to my first Five on Friday item...

I need this reminder framed in my brain.

I thought this cheeky canvas was pretty hilarious. We can all agree Queen B is flawless (except I'm not a huge fan of her latest single? oops...), and if she can secretly record an album, get a bangin' bod, and still find time to spend with her husband and precious baby, I can get through this semester of college.

The last, lonely, little cuppycake. 

Remember last week when John had a birthday? Yeah, I do too. Because I love him so much, I slaved away casually worked on some homemade red velvet cupcakes. I'm not a huge red velvet fan, but it's John's favorite (I think really he just loved the cream cheese frosting). I cannot be the only one who gets impatient with cupcakes... They're so much more time consuming than a normal cake! 

However, the results were totally worth it, since John proclaimed them "best red velvet cupcakes ever" several days after I made them (to quote the birthday boy, "Holy crap, your cupcakes get better with time"). I think I may have a secret ingredient to thank! I'll be posting the cake and frosting recipe next week on the blog!


I present to you: the Gleener.

This is going to make me sound so lame, but I am so excited about this little gadget I got for Christmas. Here's my dilemma: I love chunky sweaters, but I hate the fuzz. The Gleener takes away all that nasty fuzzy stuff with a couple rakes down the sweater! It's super easy, and I probably have way too much fun with this thing. I'll stop now before you judge me even harder/ get confused and think you're on some QVC blog... 

I think my opaque tights collection could give Rachel Berry a run for her money...

When I was unpacking, I started getting that twitchy, "Must. Reorganize. Entire. ChestofDrawers. Right. Now" feeling, and I went with it, because I knew soon classes would start and I wouldn't have time to do anything about that twitch. After donating a few old t-shirts I knew I'd never wear again, it was pretty easy to organize most of my drawers, but there was one drawer throwing me off: the sock drawer. I just didn't have enough room for my socks and my tights, so I always ended up wearing the same two pair of tights shoved at the very front of my drawer over and over again. It may seem a bit silly to label baggies to hold these different tights, but it'll be so easy when I need to know what pattern is in which bag and when I'm looking for my fleece-lined tights, bam! There they are. Just want the tights for the aesthetics and not the warm coverage? Boom, right there. Plus, with this done, I can finally breath again (I know, I know... OCD, much?).

Do I get bonus points for having a pair of tights in Pantone's Color of the Year?!

Bring It On, anyone?

Can't say I'm too sorry for that Bring It On reference, because it was totally necessary. This week, when temperatures reached astonishing lows across the country (buh-bye, polar vortex!), my Clemson townhome's heating unit decided to stop working. Yeah. As you can imagine, working with our rental company was beyond pleasant... I have called them every single day since I've been back, and I'm going to keep calling until they actually fix it. Today, their solution was to send us two space heaters to keep until they replace the entire AC unit. Seriously?!?! Thankfully, while I've had sweet friends offer their place to spend the night, we've been able to crank the auxiliary heat during the day and resorted to the emergency heat at night. That'll be a fun energy bill to open...

I hope no one else has struggled to stay warm, and I hope everyone enjoys the warmer weather to come this weekend and upcoming week!

Shout out to Christina, Darci, Natasha, and April for my favorite weekly linkup!


  1. The last lonely little cupcake cracked me up - happy Friday!!

    1. Heehee, glad I could provide a smile :) Happy Friday, Becky!!

  2. I love the tights idea! I always spend time before the semester starts making sure I'm organized and ready to go. It just makes things so much easier! And I need this cupcake recipe ASAP. They look amazing!

    1. Organization really does make life easier, doesn't it?! My boyfriend seems to think I'm crazy, so I'm glad I'm not the only one using my time wisely ;) I'll have that recipe to ya next week! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think the labeled baggies were such a great idea! It's gonna make it 10x easier to find what you need! Also, I'm so looking forward to the ted velvet cupcake recipe! I love love love red velvet... and the cream cheese frosting!


  4. Uh keeping your tights in baggies is so smart. I literally am looking for a pair in my overstuffed drawer and always snag them on a nail. Then I'm screwed... I'm going to do this next time i organize!