Thursday, March 28, 2013

One Year.

Once upon a time, in the third grade, I met this boy.  He was kind of mean to me, but in a funny little boy way, and his "girlfriend" was my best friend in our class, so we became friends. 

I moved to a new school in our hometown, and I didn't see the boy again until middle school. In sixth grade, my locker was next to his, and although we weren't in the same classes, we teased each other and talked in between classes sometimes. As middle school went on, I became better friends with him, especially when we realized how much we had in common. Taking a cue from elementary school, we "went out" with each other's friends, always keeping a "brother/sister" relationship.

I know my middle school wasn't the only one that delivered carnations on Valentines Day. The annoying boy jokingly gave me this one in sixth grade.

By high school, we were growing up a little, and in actual relationships. Again, with each other's friends. Honestly (thanks to some of our failed relationships), we weren't always close. He had a  "bad boy" side (only with girls, not at school or anything!) I was not even remotely interested in.

Just like in middle school, we bonded over a favorite band, and we saw Blink 182 in concert together our senior year of high school (obviously while accidentally wearing the same sweatshirt in different colors).

College happened, and I talked to the guy occasionally our freshman year. I was at Wofford, he was at Clemson, and we were in separate worlds. Sophomore year, when I visited Clemson more after deciding to transfer, we became closer. Suddenly, who knows how or when it started, we were texting each other and talking on the phone almost every day.

After a long, fun day hanging out and spending time together after his spring break last year, the guy awkwardly tried to initiate a conversation about our relationship. What hip people call a "DTR" (defining the relationship). At first, I was hesitant. This was the same boy I met in elementary school! Why ruin a friendship?

At a Greenville Road Warriors hockey game before our big "DTR" talk... Little did I know what was coming!  
At a Greenville Road Warriors hockey game before our big "DTR" talk... Little did I know what was coming!

After really thinking about it though, I realized we had both grown up so much since high school, and we were both ready for a "real" relationship. One where we respected each other, had a good time without all the superficial aspects, and both understood the importance of loving and accepting one another unconditionally.

So we did it. The boy from third grade, John, and I jumped in, and Tuesday, March 26th, we celebrated one year of being together! Sure, we only celebrated in the library, but that's what happens when you have tests to study for! I also got some lovely flowers delivered, and that is a true representation of John's thoughtfulness! I cannot wait for the first weekend in April to actually celebrate!

Obviously, we value laughs and silliness in this relationship! 
Obviously, we value laughs and silliness in this relationship!

I can't speak for John, but I couldn't be happier right now. Obviously, our story doesn't end with a simple "The End", because it's only been one year! I have a feeling the next will be just as fabulous!

Song of the blog: "Ever Ever After" by Carrie Underwood
Lyrics of the song: "Storybook endings, fairy tales coming true, deep down inside we want to believe they still do... Let's just admit we all want to make it to: ever ever after!" Happily ever after seemed like a great way to end this post (aaaand I may be watching Enchanted on Disney Channel right now...)

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