Thursday, March 28, 2013

Do I Like Gizoogle? Fo-shizzle, dawg!

Y'all. Tonight I stumbled upon this gem of a site: Gizoogle. Well, I didn't "stumble" upon Gizoogle, I actually stumbled upon Northern Belle Diaries, who wrote a post on it months ago!
If Gizoogle old news to you, kudos, but I have been living under a rock that didn't have Gizoogle, so hang tight. If you haven't heard of it, basically, I'm pretty sure Google realized "Wow, gangsters like Chelsea probably really struggle reading our boring normal site... It must be hard out there for a pimp like her..."
Okay, I confess (if you haven't figured it out already) I'm not exactly the best at using "slang". I actually think I got the "Hard out there for a pimp" thing from a 50 Cent song... I mean, are kids these days even using the terms "fo-shizzle"? I know Randy from American Idol used to say "dawg", so that's gotta hold some weight... I'm getting off track.
The point here is that will take ANY normal site and make it kind of... well, G.

**WARNING: This is not exactly lady-like language! Don't say I didn't warn you!** 

With that being said, here's a sample of yours truly's blog Gizoogle-fied:

Pretty funny, huh? If you want to check out the rest of my blog gangsta-fied, go here:

Want to try it for your favorite site? Just go to! If it offends you, I understand. The language ain't pretty, but I was definitely a fan because of how hard it made me laugh! 

Song of the blog: "I'm So Hood" by DJ Khaled
Lyrics of the song:
"I'm so hooooood, if you not from here you can walk it out, and you not hood if you don't know what I'm talkin 'bout" Well, I guess that solves that. I'm obviously not hood, because I have no idea what he's talking about. Sorry DJ Khaled!

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