Friday, October 10, 2014

Two is Better Than One: Five on Friday + Oh Hey Friday!

We made it to Friday, y’all! Woohoo! That’s reason enough to smile, but here are five more things that are making me happy right now that I’d love to share:

1. Winner Winner 
Well, I can no longer be one of those people that says "I never win things!" because I just found out that I won the most fabulous BaubleBar prize! I can hardly believe my luck, and I am ecstatic to have won the entire BaubleBar BRIDES collection and a year-long subscription to BRIDES Magazine! I know it can seem silly sometimes to repost pictures on Instagram, but this is proof that those contests are worth a shot! I can’t wait to show y’all some of my new pretties!

 The gorgeous picture that helped me win! 

2. Field Trip Fun
This week I experienced my first field trip “on the other side” as a teacher, and let me tell ya, it was about as exhausting as I thought it would be! I cannot tell you how many times I counted the number 17 (the number of kids who went from our class) in my head that day. It was a huge responsibility, but it was so neat to be there as many kids saw an apple orchard for the first time in their lives! 

Here's one of the most precious first graders in the whole, wide world. Can you tell who was more excited to take this picture?! I promise he loves Miss VerHage too! ;) 

On top of the little baggy of apples I picked, I bought some homemade, no-sugar-added apple butter, and it has been delightful! So far, I’ve spread it on toasted Ezekiel Bread and used it as a dip for graham crackers as a treat!  

3. SheReadsTruth Plan Reveal
 I know SheReadsTruth was on my 5 last week, but I am still just loving their plans, and I’m super pumped because they just announced their final four plans for the year! Eek! SheReadsTruth offers the most beautiful study packs for their plans, and I’m especially loving the next study’s set from Ashlee Proffitt! 
How beautiful are these?! I'm looking forward to seeing Hospitality in its true light, as more than the cute place settings and parties we traditionally think of. 

As if that plan wasn’t pretty enough, they also released their advent series…

I’m not afraid to say I got giddy when I saw it, y’all. It’s beautiful, functional, and it comes with so many extras.... I’m trying to convince myself I do not need it, but Advent is such a special time I feel like it might be worth the splurge. What do you think, friends?

4. Sensationail Kit
 A couple months ago, Corey’s girlfriend, Morgan, let me borrow her at-home-gel-nail kit, and I was seriously impressed. I’ve used it twice since that first time, and today I decided it was time for me to invest in my own! Here was my reasoning: the mani lasts around two weeks, and this way, I don’t have to keep bugging Morgan to borrow hers! I found it decently priced (AKA around the same price I’d pay for one good gel manicure at a salon) on Amazon, and I can’t wait to get it next week! Sidenote: some people have complained about the removal process, but it’s been super easy for me, and I’d highly recommend Sensationail to anyone!
All of this for 40% off its original price? Yes please!  

5. Wedding weekend
 John and I are actually on the road to a wedding as I type! His cousin is marrying her long-time boyfriend, and I’m so excited to see so many members of my future family-in-law! (Plus, yay for cake, dancing, and champs!)

The lovely Five on Friday ladies are doing a giveaway this week, and obviously, I'm feeling lucky! Go check out Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha's blogs to see more details! 

Also, I got the sweetest email from Karli of September Farm (AKA one of the cutest mama blogs out there) last week, and she reminded me of her Oh Hey Friday! linkup, and I just had to join! Why limit myself to one fab linkup when I could be part of two?!

Anyone else have fun weekend plans?! Whatever you’re doing the next couple days, I hope you’re making what matters happen, and enjoy every second of this precious weekend!

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  1. Congratulations on winning the BaubleBar contest! That's great! My mom was a teacher, and she always talked about how exhausting field trips could be, and even though she was a veteran teacher, she was always afraid she was going to lose a kid haha.

  2. Congrats on winning that contest! I saw that photo on insta and ewas like... YEAH GIRL! Also, your student is so cute. :D