Thursday, October 23, 2014

Picking Our Wedding Theme (and Colors!)

If you're reading this, congrats- you've made it past Hump Day! The past 12 days I've been away from the blog have just flown by, thanks to several big assignments due for practicum teaching and full social calendars on the weekends. However, don't think I've forgotten about filling y'all in on wedding updates! I still haven't shared our wedding theme and colors with you!

You should know by now I'm obsessed with weddings. I'm also the most indecisive person ever at times. This makes for a bad combo when picking out wedding details. One thing I knew: there would be pink. Lots of pink. I know pink is probably cheesy to some, but I am one of the pinkest people I know, and I know looking back, I'd be mad at myself for worrying about what others thought, and not going with my favorite color. 
This summer, I wrote down my three main theme ideas for our wedding. Here they are, in the same format I wrote them down months ago: 

Sweet, Romantic, Southern
- Blush, black, and white
- Mercury glass
- Blush pink peonies 
- White anemones
- Checkered dance floor

Sweet, Romantic, Southern Wedding Theme
To view my inspiration board on Polyvore, click the image. 

Classic, Bold, City-Meets-Southern
- Pink, black+white OR navy+white
- Patterns (stripes, trellis)
- Thick grosgrain striped ribbon bouquets
- Some patterned table linens
- Peonies, hydrangeas (mini), dahlias
- Kate Spade vibe
- Gold accents

Classic, Bold, Striped
To view my inspiration board on Polyvore, click the image. 

Cheery, Bright, Southern
- Baker miller/ hot pink, white, gold, khaki 
- Bright pink and white peonies
- Milk glass, hobnail style
- Peaches and peach baskets
- Hydrangeas, tulips, ranunculus 
- Colorful flowers
- Gold accents

(Side note: I fell IN.LOVE. with this wedding featured on Southern Weddings! It's seriously my favorite Real Wedding post, and hopefully you'll see why if you read it. That wedding inspired my peach obsession, as well as my attention to small southern details. Bonus: I later realized the gorgeous bride works at Southern Weddings, so I can still keep up with her newlywed life!)
Classic, Bold, Striped
To view my inspiration board on Polyvore, click the image. 

I know this looks ridiculous, and I'm so silly, but dreaming like this helped me visualize things better. I still love all three of these general looks, but I had to decide which best represented John and me. I knew anything too fancy just wouldn't fit us as a couple, or our outdoor venue, for that matter, so the first was out.  Easy enough! Now moving on. 

I was seriously so obsessed with the idea of incorporating peaches into our wedding, since one of our hometown's most adorable traits is its Peach Stand! Plus, peaches would definitely be a cheap and yummy centerpiece on some tables, and they just scream summer in the south! However, let's remember, I wan lots of pink at our wedding, because I'm a pink girl. Not a coral girl, not a peach girl, but a true-pink girl. On top of the dilemma, I realized it would be hard to walk the fine line of southern without being kitschy, which is definitely not my style, so the third was out. 

That leaves us with style 2, or what I'd originally thought of us "Classic, bold, city-meets-southern." Now, while I love the black and white stripes, bold and bright Kate Spade vibe, I leaned more towards the navy and white. I can't quite explain why, but I just thought it was more "us." Navy and white has a classic, preppy feel that I love. 

Ultimately, I decided to combine aspects from all three styles: the checkered dance floor from the first (because, swoon), the stripes and colors from the second, and the southern details of the third. We're still figuring out details and making lots of little decisions, but here's the overall look we hope to achieve:
Wedding Style Inspiration
To view my inspiration board on Polyvore, click the image. 

Our venue (bottom right picture in the board above) obviously calls for southern details, but not bushel baskets like the peach theme. Antique silver and julep cups are my dream flower vases. The picture of a dinner jacket is just because I adore men in dinner jackets, especially just the groom, because it feels so Rhett Butler to me! Alas, John doesn't feel the same way, so all tuxes it is. Luckily, he's handsome in anything, and I guess settling on a tux isn't too bad... ;)

My one concern: how bad do will navy and white stripes be in contrast with the black and white checkered dance floor and the groomsmen tuxes? I appreciate honesty, so tell me what y'all think! Be back on Friday- I'm hoping to have a special picture to show y'all (possibly from our engagement shoot....!)! 
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  1. I love the colors you picked. I think that the black and white checkered dance floor and the navy and white stripes, in my opinion, will look great. Since they do contrast they will make eachother pop. Plus the pink ties all the colors together in a way. Good luck with the final decisions!

  2. I love the sweet, southern, and romantic look. It's always been my favorite look. I think what you chose will look amazing! I think the floor and groomsmen tuxes will look good together! :)
    Also, I nominated you for an award! :) The post is on my blog:

  3. Everything you've chosen so far is stunning. I can't wait to see how plans progress. I'm sure you're going to make everything look beautiful.

    1. Ps. That venue is seriously so perfect. I need something like that for when I get married haha

  4. It's going to be GORGEOUS that's for sure!!

  5. It is going to be gorgeous! I am glad you were able to combine all of your favorite things into one theme.

  6. Your colors all sounds beautiful! I am in the process of picking my colors and navy is definitely one of them, along with a Carolina blue and a lavender.

  7. Hi Chelsea! I'm planning a Kate Spade-esque wedding too :) The big bold stripes and pops of pink are fabulous! Your wedding's ahead of mine by several months, so I can't wait to see how your vision comes together!

    Allie |