Thursday, May 29, 2014

Picking Up The Ball

So, not so recently, I apologized for dropping the ball on blogging, and I promised lots of blog posts because, yay, it's summer! Free time galore! However, that hasn't exactly been the case so far. I'm putting emphasis on the "so far" because I still fully plan on overwhelming you all with blogposts this summer. However, as some readers may remember I've had a bit of a hiccup with my computer; therefore I'm blaming my blogging hiatus on my Macbook "Pro." (I'm air-quoting the "Pro" part because a true pro wouldn't die on me after four short, blissful years!) Thankfully, after I made SIX trips to the Apple Store and the computer made two trips to the Apple Depot, my computer is good as new! Seriously, it's pretty much new- if any of you Mac lovers out there experience problems with your gadgets, I recommend having Apple ship it off to their Depot. For under $300, my logic board, hard drive, battery, and something else I don't remember were all replaced! Score! 

I know how annoying it probably sounds, my lame excuse, but you guys know the whole "life getting in the way" thing as well as I do. I've always found it really hard to get back into the groove of something, like going to church or the gym, after I haven't been in a while. I know I probably sound like a lazy heathen when I say that, but seriously, the more services or sweat sessions I miss, the harder it is for me to get back into the zone. That's not to say I don't enjoy church or the gym; I love both and both are extremely important to my happiness! I just hate the whole "I'm back!" thing, and I feel the same way about blogging. I love it, it makes me so happy, but if I don't reply to my emails for a few days (cough, weeks), or forget to post for a while, I dread my next post. When I got my computer back, I knew it was time to pick up said ball I dropped. 

Does that make sense? Probably not, but I'm an expressive person, and I like to get everything out there... Hence the whole blogging thing :) Now that all that's out of the way, I can give you a quick rundown of my life since my last post! I've...

1. Turned 22!
It was a fabulous birthday filled with lots of goodies!

Spoiler: I blew out all my candles ;) 

2. Read three books. 
That's a lot for me, guys! I'll definitely post a review sometime soon!

3. Had a bonfire with my favorites. 

Fun fact: That chair is from the Limited Too. 

4. Ridden in the car with my brother for 30 hours!

This photo was taken at 6 am, while Corey, our captain, chowed down on a Hardee's biscuit and we jammed out to ABBA. 

5. Survived said road trip!

6. Visited my family in Michigan. 
We honored my Uncle Mike with a memorial picnic, and it was lovely. 

Enjoying the picnic with my first cousins on my dad's side of the family.

7. Laid out by the pool. 
Y'all, there's not much better than hearing people go, "You're so tan!" and if you go up north around this time, I guarantee you'll hear it if you've spent any time in the sun! 

Morgan's pool is a little slice of heaven! PS: don't you just love hot dogs or legs

8. Caught up with high school friends. 
Yay for friendships that last even when things change!

9. Taken a boring teaching test. 
Fingers crossed I passed!

10. Joined the YMCA. 
Here's to not experiencing that gym-dread I talked about! I don't think that will be a problem, considering how much I've loved each Zumba and cycling class I've attended so far!

Phew! Now that you're up to speed on my life, it's time for me to stalk your blogs to catch up on your lives! As for you non-bloggers, what have y'all been up to this month?! I need updates! Thanks for sticking around, friends!

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  1. I have been keeping up with you through INstagram! Well as much as I can! And I love the pool. I cant wait for the book reviews! And $300 isnt bad to completely fix your laptop!

    Love Always,

  2. thanks for showing me hot dogs or legs! That's hysterical! Happy Friday!

  3. Welcome back!!!!

  4. I am THE worst about getting back into the swing of things as well so you aren't the only one!!!
    And good for you joining the Y. Classes are definitely the best way to trick yourself into working out,
    or at least I think so. Eeeep!