Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Setting a Date

I kind of posted a little out of order when I told you our venue before our date... Oops! Normally, I'd say venue should be first priority and then setting a date based on availability. However, a couple months ago, I realized something: my parents' anniversary falls on a Saturday next summer.
I had an inkling a summer wedding might be in the books for us, so in my mind, that anniversary date was my "dream date." A couple of things on this: I'd checked the calendar to see when John's parents' anniversary was too, because they had a summer wedding as well, but theirs fell on a weekday, so it was out of the question. Obviously, once John and I got engaged, we talked about the date. At first, John was worried we might be stealing my parents' thunder by sharing their anniversary, but I thought it was, if anything, a good way to honor them. 

Thankfully, when we went to Vesuvius Vineyards, the date was still available, although they warned us several other couples were thinking about it. John and I took a big breath and committed.

We are officially getting married on June 27th, 2015. 

Eeek! With the contract signed, we could start planning everything else! My next concern? Talking to Pastor Steve Morgan. He's the man who married my parents and baptized me. He's been a part of my family's lives for a long time, despite moving before I was old enough to get to know him. Thankfully, I met him by chance on a church mission trip in high school, and I feel like our paths have crossed too many times to ignore. I'd had visions of him marrying my future husband and me for years, until he retired last year. I resigned myself to being open-minded about our officiant, until John and I picked that special anniversary date... I just knew that I'd kick myself if I didn't ask him to officiate our wedding then! 
A blurry photo of my first ceremony with Pastor Steve: my baptism. (Is it just me, or does this resemble the beginning of the Lion King?)

Thankfully, he was thrilled I'd asked, and his answer was "YES!" He and his wife are traveling in England right now, but John and I are looking forward to premarital counseling with Steve next year. 

I don't know when I got so sentimental, but it warms my heart thinking about these special details of our wedding. After all, these are the most important things about the wedding! Without a minister, we couldn't get married, and without a date, we couldn't start booking everything else... And I couldn't update y'all with our wedding countdown- only 318 days until I'm John's wife!
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  1. Ahh! We had a lengthy engagement, but it was the best ever. You don't have to stress a whole lot all at once; you have time to plan which allows for special details like these!! So excited to follow along during your planning journey!!

  2. MY PARENTS GOT MARRIED ON JUNE 27TH TOO! Are we separated at birth? So excited for all your details! Those ARE the best part. Those 318 days are going to FLY BY. And yes Simba, I see it.

  3. YAY! How special to share that date with your parents as well as sharing it with a minister who is so entwined with your family and in promoting faith in your family.

  4. So exciting! That venue is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Okay so lets jsut state the fact that this is super sweet! I mean for one. The date. I mean you get to share it with your parents? I am swooning! And then getting that pastor. I am loving it!

    Love Always,