Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days.

31 days of girl growing up

As a college student who is still trying to learn how to squeeze the maximum possible productive minutes out of each day (and failing pretty miserably, most of the time, I might add), blogging is usually on the back burner. Don't get me wrong: I love to write, and I love reading other peoples' writing even more, because it inspires me and gives me different perspectives on things. However, life gets in the way a lot.

Tonight, though, on Facebook, I saw a link to a Wofford grad's blog. Said grad is smart, sweet, and from my hometown, so naturally, I was curious to click on her link, which actually led me to The Nesting Place. This big blog is hosting a super-cool, month-long link-up where bloggers blog every day for the entire month of October. About anything they want.

doing it
Now, lots of people focus on one specific category to blog on, but why limit myself?! (Cough, I ramble too much and don't feel like making an effort to focus, cough) I think it will be a great challenge to see if I can blog every single day this month! I'm trying to give myself more structure, and I think this will be an awesome thing to incorporate!

Yay for a new month, a new season, and many reasons to love life.
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